Friday, April 3, 2009

Red Shed Girls Shop Round Top, Warrenton, & Marburger Farms Antique Shows

Well, believe it or not, Val was turning 50 this past weekend, so we all felt a Red Shed kidnapping to one of the largest flea market / antique shows in the country, was in order. We set our GPS to Main Street, Round Top, Texas and off we went!

First stop was a little side trip to Burton, the home of Willow's Nest. We had been dying to go since the Linda invited us to the Grand Opening. The shop, which is open by "appointment or chance", was located just of Main St. Linda was at Marburger setting up for the show, but Ludmil dropped by and gave us a tour of the shop,
and the potting shed. Ludmil creates all of the great garden ornaments and even gave Val a metal heart shaped garden stake for her birthday. Thanks, Ludmil! We "heart" you too!
Now onto the real nitty gritty. We had heard it had rained for 3 days before we arrived. Val couldn't find any rain boots in her size, so she got these really horrible plastic shoes to trudge through the mud. Uh oh.....Michele's daughter thought they were "too cool"!
First stop to shop, La Bahia, a small but fun show, with really great prices.
We met Melonie and her husband from The Seed Box. We bought some great things from her and visited about doing some antiquing tours to Missouri......stay tuned..Fun pink furniture at Melonie's booth..
Next on to Bar W. We first tracked down our friend Donna, from Curious Goods in Malakoff, Tx. She didn't look too worse for wear considering they had drenching rains and an almost tornado blow through the night before. Donna was so busy selling from roof to rafters, that she hardly had time to talk! (but she did have a birthday present for Val....Thanks Donna!)

Bar W is an interesting show. You can literally find almost anything. Here is an example of the variety...Buffalo head, Alligator head, and French mannequin...all in the same booth!Michele M, crying over her "dream cabinet" that was already sold...
One of our absolutely favorite show was Excess...
That term is NOT an exaggeration when it comes to this show.
The most gorgeous beds I have ever seen....

French, Italian, English architecturals to stop your heart (and your wallet!)
This was one half of the largest fresco I have ever seen!
On to Zapp Hall, where Michele Jones got some great hugs from the famous Theresa Cano of Garden Antiques Vintage, the most famous blogger in the world! We so wanted to stay for her blog party on Sunday, but ya know, some people have to work.(or go to church).... A quick stop at Carolyn Westbrook's. We got to say Hi, but she was so busy ringing up sales, we had to let her do her thing....
We were so EXCITED to see Deb of Talking Trash. She has THE primo spot right where every person in the entire world has to line up to place an order at Royce's Cafe. Boy she had some cute things.......but the cutest was........
Cat Daddy!!! Woo hoo!, what a sweetie. No, those aren't Mardi Gras beads he got for doing who knows what, they were our "table marker" at Royces, so they would know where to bring our food.
Marburger wasn't open yet, but we snuck in to say Hi to a few friends. We did see Judy Hill hard at work setting up her space and said Hi. Linda of Willow's Nest wasn't there but her booth was almost done and it was adorable!

A big highlight was to meet Peg and John of French Vanilla (and sweet baby puppy Golden Retriever, Hannah). We managed to sell some furniture to Peg a while back, but never actually met her (long story), so it was truly a pleasure!
Now, something VERY important. If you go to Round Top, bring lots of toilette tissue, sanitizing hand cleaner, and a packet of portable seat covers (can you say "Porta Potties"?), or limit all liquids and "hold it". A very bright spot in this disparaging situation were the lavs at the Blue Hills show. Not only were they amazingly clean, actually FLUSHED, but they also had showers! We voted them A #1 bathrooms at "The Show".
Back to the adventure. Our last stop was to Leftovers in Brenham. We had heard so much about it, and it did not disappoint!

Really fabulous displays.....

and A huge variety of merchandise..., but bring one of your kids to sell,... it is a little pricey!
We stayed in a darling B&B in Bellville, TX, called Dove Cottage. We were so lucky to get it since we booked at the last minute.
In the back yard, there was a cage with actual doves...

So What Did we buy? You will have to wait for our Saturday Sale on April 18th for most of it, but here is a little preview.....

These are the first of our "mystery" items. We were so excited to find them!
They are fabulous molds from an old foundry that used to make letters for metal signs. They are raised on one side of the board and concave on the opposite side. They weigh a ton. This is one of the medium sized letters. There are some HUGE ones! They will all be painted White by the time the sale rolls around.
Here is our second mystery item. Do you know what they are? We just fell in love with them and you will too!
Thanks for joining our fun at Round Top. Don't forget the Saturday Sale is 2 weeks early this month due to Paris. See you Saturday, April 18th.


  1. Happy Birthday, Val!!! :) Sounds like a great time was had by all of you! Looks like an incredible time, wish I could have been there too!

  2. Thanks for the insight for those of us who have never been able to make it to Roundtop! I am truly aspiring to go in September. Who knows I may even close the shop to set up and sell there. How exciting...sounds fabulous. (Me being JEALOUS!!!)
    I'm going green! With envy LOL.

  3. Oh I'm so in love with everything. Wished I could have made it. Great stuff. Denise

  4. Happy BD Val.
    Thanks for the tour and the eye candy. You found you some Donkey horns, those sell great on ebay.
    Wish I could come to your Sat Sale.

  5. So great to see y'all at Zapp! Wasn't the weather just the worst? I'm going to try and make it to your next sale...really needing mdse. now!
    Do you think I could make any money renting out Cat Daddy for photo ops? LOL!!!

  6. Thank you for the pictures, they make me want to go there even more that ever. Hope to see Round Top, Warrenton and Marburger and Farms Antique shows someday. I am coming to TX 4-30th to 5-7th will you be at Canton or Grapevine? I so wanted to meet you. Blessings, Sandi

  7. So glad you girls stopped by. I'm going to hopefully make it your way real soon!!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great photos! Felt like I was looking at magazine! I have wanted to go to these shows for 20 years...I will get there sooooooon! Looks like it is such a blast!
    Smiles and thanks!

  9. Loved seeking you 3 shoppers!
    I am still trying to recover, but have to re-set here at Curious Goods for the long Holiday weekend!

    Hope to see you SOON, Donna

    By the way, I am ready to get started on the great soldering techniques I learned at your class. May need a refresher! LOL

  10. Loved your girlfriends' trip pictures...wish Grapevine were just a little closer to New Braunfels...but next time I'm up that way, I'll look ya'll up. LaVerne in New Braunfels