Monday, January 26, 2009

Altered Art Woven Textile Purse Class

We just finished our woven purse class at the Red Shed! These darling purses are made completely from recycled materials and even the looms are made from reinvented items .

There were all kinds of fabric available to mix and match. Some brought their own fabric that had special meaning to them. These purses can be made from an old blouse that you may have loved or an old pair of your kid's jammies.

The fabrics were cut into strips.....

Fun, fluffy yarns are added for texture, color, and softness....

Lots of embellishments to choose from...........

And the ladies are ready to go!

The fabric strips are woven on the loom....

Beautiful linings and straps are added, as well a personalized photos, jewelry and buckles.....
The gorgeous results!

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  1. They really are little pieces of art. I bet y'all have a ball! Deb

  2. What beautiful bags! We did weaving in an art class I took once but I never would have thought to turn it into a purse. I would love to go to Paris but I'm thinking with the economy I should probably get a job instead. Pam

  3. These are so beautiful!!! WOW!! I wish I had a class like that here!
    Online Classes????

  4. Great works of art. I've nominated you all for an award.

  5. Oh oh oh I have to have one of your vintage bags..
    I love them all.I would love to join your class but MS is a little to far.
    I have just found your blog.Great things are happening on this blog.
    See ya soon

  6. I wanted so bad to come to your class but can't make it on a weeknight. I just started a blog if you ever want to come see me at It's not yet going good but it will be .