Friday, October 30, 2009

24 Hours and Counting till Red Shed Sale!

Here is (maybe) your last sneak peek, before the BIG SALE! Be sure to come early. We have lots and lots and lots of gorgeous things that have not been posted on the blog, so you will just have to come and see!

See you Saturday Morning at 8AM!

Red Shed Grapevine TX Antique Sale Tomorrow!

OK! Here is your last sneak peek before the BIG sale on Saturday! Remember, all you shabby antique early birds, drive bys, or fly overs! This is all the peeking you get! See you Saturday 8am for Blanc & Noir with a touch of Pink!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

48 Hours to Lift Off

Sneak Peek Update! Only 48 hours until our "Blanc & Noir with a touch of Pink" Sale. More to come!

Don't forget that donations from this sale will benefit our favorite walkers in the Susan G. Koman 3 day. Andrea Klein is our other favorite walker. She will be at our sale, selling her handmade pink jewelry. Everything from her sale goes to fight for the Cure, so please be generous. She is walking in the name of her dear Mother. If you would like to donate to her walk, CLICK HERE

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

72 Hours to Red Shed Sale

We are in HYPER CREATIVITY MODE getting ready for the BIG SALE! Less than 72 hours now until our annual "Blanc & Noir with a touch of Pink" Sale. Here we were in the late hours last night working on a display project. Any guesses on what it might be?

Here is your sneak peak for today.....

(Hard to tell in this photo, but this is a really cool vintage bar!)

Much more to come! Don't forget, this sale will help benefit a couple of our favorite walkers in the Susan G Komen 3 Day. Our first walker is actually a Guy! Really a Great Guy! His name is David Reed, and this will be his 5th walk which he does in the name of his Mother, and has even walked in the name our own Michele.
If you would like to donate any amount towards his goal to find a cure, please, CLICK HERE

If you just can't wait for our sale, you can rev up your engines tomorrow, Oct. 29th in Dallas at the Tattered Bliss sale. For more information CLICK HERE