Friday, August 28, 2009

French Collectables, Last Sneek Peek!

Less than 24 Hours until your last day of "Fun in the Sun at the Red Shed" Saturday Sale!
If you love our outside displays, Just wait for this one! No peeking please, we have been getting wind of junk stalker drive-bys!
Here is your last sneak peek at just a few of the projects we have been working on for the Sale. This vintage pressed glass sconce was transformed with 100 year old french letters and stamps.........
Finally, slowly, I am figuring out how to take the silvering off of mirrors in the pattern of my choice.....fleur-ish also infused with a French document...My model, Alley Belle, reflects great taste!Before and jewel box, before...
Also infused with French letters and documents, becomes a new collectible....Old display clock becomes a fairy haven.........Michele Jones waives her magic wand and....Furniture, accessories and Paris fun..
See you at the Sale! Saturday, August 29th 8am - 3pm. Red Shed Grapevine Texas

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

French Chair Makeover & Saturday Sale Preview

Sometimes we think we are just so clever, but for some reason our customers might think "Not so much"! When we covered the seats of these great chairs with vintage canvas bank bags, we were sure they would be a hit...We always love the contrast of formal & casual. We were inspired by similar items in a high end boutique in L.A.
We just knew the ones with Texas motifs would sell.....but priced at only $59.00, they did not sell.
So time for a makeover, and since we will be having so much great Frenchy Blue and Blue Gray furniture this sale, now they will fit right in...Love the wonderful detailing, antiquing, and a french blue undercoat....Oh and the upholstery could not be more gorgeous. So how much do you think they will be now?Here is just a few more sneaks of the Saturday Sale. It is still very hard to take good photos because furniture is still piling up.....It's getting a little hard to breathe!
This was an original dry sink from an old hotel..........(reinvented, of course).......
Oh my goodness, take a look at this twin headboard......
Hard to tell, but this is the coolest 1920s armoire. The door is carved, curved wood.

Join us for just one more day of Fun in the Sun at The Red Shed! We will see you Saturday Aug 29th, 8AM!
Next post....fabulous handmade altered treasures available only on Saturday!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Red Shed Antiques Saturday Sale Aug 29th! Grapevine, Texas

Woo Hoo! The Kids are back in School! Be Cool, Shop, & Party with us at The Red Shed! Send Summer out in Style...French Style...Red Shed Style!
Michele & Val have already started the Hula Hoop contest.........
Once again we are filled to overflowing with fabulous Vintage Chic D├ęcor. We have acquired an estate of amazing French furniture and accessories. Find a dozen beautiful beds, darling dining tables, tons of marvelous mirrors, lovely lamps, and French-y furnishings. You have been waiting patiently for a full photo of the bed above. As soon as we closed today, the bed came in. It is GORGEOUS! Look at the detail...

Take a peek at this fabulous piece! The dresser that goes with this mirror is just perfectly shabby and chic. (Unfortunately it's not unburied in storage yet.....hopefully a sneak peek next week)

A few other sneaks....
I just finished making this bed hanging lamp. This is one of the finest pieces of handmade lace that I have seen in a long time, but it is time to take it out of the closet and display it everyday! You would not believe the beautiful shadow this casts on the wall....
Don't miss out on exciting jewelry, handmade from antique treasures straight from the Paris Flea Market. The "Mod" piece on the right is made from a French Safty Deposit box key! All of them have a bit of vintage Bling!
We will have lots of new, unique, handmade accessories and reinvented vintage home decor. Here are a couple of the wonderful French accent pieces vieing to go home with you!
See you in Just 7 days and counting! Get ready for some fun and surprises. You never know what you will find at The Red Shed!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pre-Sale Sale & Another Saturday Sale Sneak Peek

Only One more week to shop at the Red Shed before we close for a week to Re-Stock and Re-Decorate before the BIG SATURDAY SALE. We REALLY need the space so we are putting this fabulous Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Set on sale for Aug 17-21 Only. **Attention All Dealers heading to Round Top, Warrenton, and Marburger** All three pieces, Mirrored Vanity, Highboy dresser and Gold Trundle bed for only $375.00! That's a $250.00 savings off our already great Red Shed prices! Take a look at these gorgeous pieces......SORRY, Vanity and Dresser are SOLD

Call or come in on Monday if you are interested or have questions: 817-310-6006 or email

Now, another little sneak peek at a few treasures you will find at the Saturday Sale, Aug 29th.
For all of you who have been eyeing it, I finally put the handles on this great secretary. I almost love it too much to sell!
(Here's a little "before" the silver "branch" handles?)

A couple more sneaks....
Are you a little bit Modern and a little bit French? How about a compromise?LOVE this Italian Hall tree! Look at those Hooks!We have two of these amazing columns.....Do you think I should paint over the aqua house numbers?
See you SATURDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 8AM for Fun in the Sun at the Red Shed!