Saturday, March 27, 2010

Warrenton, Round Top, Marburger Farm...We're Off for the Hunt!

Our engines are running. We are so excited to be off to the Warrenton, Round Top, Marburger Farms (and surrounds) Antique shows in South Texas! Last year we used the excuse of Val's 50th birthday to get away. It worked so well, we just figured we would use it every year!
We had so much fun last year, met so many great people and saw so many Great Things!!

Our plans are to drive down Sunday in time to visit with friends at Theresa Cano's (Garden Vintage Antqs), Blog party, including Jo Packham of Where Women Create and the Creative Connection. Power Shop all day Monday (we are getting in training for our Paris Flea Market Trip, only 3 weeks away!) around the thousands of vendors mostly around Warrenton, then arrive for the Early Bird shopping at Marburger Farms on Tuesday Morning.
Remember, we are shopping for YOU, not us....we are just your humble servants!
We are taking the computers and plan to Blog our way though so stay tuned!!!

Mark your Calendars!
Our next Saturday Sale will Be APRIL 17th ** Note this date is early due to Paris. We have lots of new merchandise and of course, lots of surprises!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage "Easter" Hats Antique and Chic

We don't often have vintage or antique hats in the shop, but we just got a collection with a group of other items. Some of them are oh-too-cute. If anyone knows one of those young "vintage girls ", you know, the ones who are tiny, and dress vintage, and you just love them? Send them over to the Red Shed! So here goes the fashion show......

Love this one!!! Friend, Danielle came in and said her and her sister had hats just like them, when they were little, FOR Easter!

Black is so hard to photograph. This one is actually a pure black velvet...

And we have a few garden hats that you can wear straight into summer...
Not sure about this one... Is it a sailor's hat?
Or a chapeau as modeled by Lou Ann J. During our Paris Trip Pre Party!
And finally...there's always gotta be one.....a good old "I will pay YOU to take this away" kind of hat.....What do you think?
If you are interested in any of these hats, just give us a call or email. They range from $15 to $29 and we will be happy to mail them to you. Plus, first one who orders gets the last hat for FREE!!
Red Shed Cottage Chic phone 817-310-6006, 800 209-0871 or

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vintage Flat Screen TV Stand Solutions

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Almost every week someone comes in to the Red Shed looking for a piece of furniture that can be used as a lovely base for a (large) ugly flat screen television. Right now those folks are in LUCK! And you will be too if you are looking for the same thing! A few pieces in stock right now....
Of course they could also be used as dressers, bath vanities, plant stands...

A few more new arrivals......

We are lovin' these Hand Hooks! They are made to mount on the wall, but are just as great standing up, or laying down. We are going to use to hang jewelry, towels, soap....don't settle for a plain old hook!!

Red is modeling one of a great set of 9 gorgeous Vintage Hats....just in..........
Francophiles will LOVE this so French headboard......
Look at the carved fluer di lis!
Great reinvented cabinet..with vintage window door! Just picture it in your bath full of white fluffy towels....SPA AAAHHH!
If you have had enough "quality time" with the kids, spend the rest of your Spring Break at The Red Shed! We are open Wed and Thur 9 - 5, Friday 9 - 6 and we will even be open this SATURDAY 10 - 4! See you soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Altered Art Collection

Our Vintage Alice in Wonderland Collection by Grace Barzyz was sold out, but Grace quarantined herself in her studio to replenish it. If you have someone who is crazy about the new Alice, they will love this decor! The entire collection is made from Vintage book pages from the original Alice in Wonderland, so the pieces are sure to be as well loved by your Grand Daughter as your Grand Mother! These are limited addition pieces. We only have ONE of each piece. No More will be made except by custom commission.! All of these pieces are VERY mailable. We have been shipping Grace's art all over the country, so be sure to call or email if you are interested.
Darling handmade paper teacups............

The Tweedles $24.95 (Look closely at the tea bag says "a mad tea party"
Mad Hatter $24.95 SOLD
Piano Roll Banner $68.00, SOLD How sweet would this be as an heirloom in a little girl's room?

Magnets made from vintage cookie cutters! $7.50 ea. Look at the glitter and details, even on the sides! SOLD

"Who stole the Tarts?" Tartlet magnets $3.00 SOLD
Vintage Altered "Queen of Hearts" Cake Spatula, actually had a heart cutout! $14.95 SOLD!
Hanging AIW Card with original book page and Dresden details...$12.95
French gift Candy boxes with vintage ribbon and Dresden trim ,full of Jordanette almonds... Alice (large) $22.00 SOLD
King of Hearts (small) $7.50 SOLD
Call 817-310-6006 or email, or come by the Red Shed. Our normal hours are Mon - Fri 9 - 5 and this Saturday we will be open 10 - 5 if you want to stop by!