Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Valentines French Italian Amore' Je taime ** Take 2

Gorgeous Displays in the Red Shed, thanks to the talents of Michele Jones.........In the past we have not sold a lot of Valentines Day decor at the Red Shed, because our Big Show and Sale is always a couple of weeks after Valentines, so I told Grace Barzyz, our new guest artist, not to make too much for Valentines. Well, Grace brought in the most beautiful things I had ever seen (see my post Jan 14), and two days after the post, it was all SOLD! I called Grace and said, "Grace, my dear, everything is gone!" She said "What do you mean?" (I think she thought we were robbed), I said "Everything is gone, its all sold!" She said, "When did this happen?", and I said "Yesterday and Today".....and she said..."But you told me not to make much for Valentines Day!" OK, so I have forgiven her for yelling at me and making her rich, but I also begged her to make more if she possibly could. She stayed up all night for about a week and we have a few more things feast your eyes, then drop by the Shed for these limited treasures... Also, all of these items are MAILABLE for a reasonable amount, if you live out of state, just give us a call 817-310-6006

Grace made one more set of Amore' Angel Wings. For Up close pics and all the vintage details, see the Jan 14th post.. $58
Another gorgeous French Piano Roll, Paper flowers are made from vintage French book pages $38 SOLD!

There is also an Italian piano roll, that I didn't get a pic of, but similar to Jan 14 post $38
What is so great about these items, is that they are just "LOVE" based, can be used year round and some are even being used for wedding decor!

We have one more LOVE banner $34. If it's possible, I may like this one even more! The letters are nestled in tartlet tins, and look at the lace and vintage doily trim.....
She made one more of the large red hearts with cupid covered in music $28 (I know someone was looking for this so, please come back or call!) All of the sheet music decor is SO great for music lovers.I think there is just ONE of the darling arrows left (See Jan 14 for detail photos) (Arrows all SOLD, dress form still available $140.00)
And there are just a few precious valentines left, all have vintage beaded hangers. $14Hey, leave a nice message for Grace if you love her talent as much as we do. I think she would really appreciate it!
Drop by Mon - Fri 9 - 5 (and I will be there this coming Sat. 10 - 4 ) or give us a call 17-310-6006.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

French Floral Leaning Mirror fit in a Honda?

Remember the story of the fabulous mirror above (see a few posts below). Well, true to form, about 4 hours after I posted the photo, I got an email from Darling Debra Graham from San Antonio, praying that we still had the mirror, and did we think it would fit into an Accord? (Or maybe it is a Corolla). We said "yes" so she scooted herself 4 hours north to Grapevine....She had never been to the Red Shed so,of course she underestimated the packing ability of a Red Shed Girl! Flip the seats down from the trunk...(it was almost like we had done it before!)..a little help from Michele M...And success! Debra was a happy camper.....and it was so nice to meet her! Now if we can just get another mirror......
A couple of new items recently arrived.... FABULOUS and rare, long white shabby church bench. Great lines, exceptionally sturdy, it would be wonderful on a front porch, as side seating with a dining table or as extra seating and storage in your daughter's room Vintage lace and satin skirt covered with tiny satin roses, and lined with pleated toule. We have already used it as a table cover, and now as a piece of art..

We have had so many requests for ladder back they are ladies, first come first serve! These have perfect woven canvas seats all in a lovely shabby white.....but more importantly...check out the French bicycle poster in the background!
Mark your calendars! Next Saturday Sale Feb 27th!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Handmade Vintage Valentines & Love Decor by Grace Barzyz

Love has landed at the Red Shed! And what we're lovin' is fabulous Valentine and Love Decor, handmade by our own Grace Barzyz of "ala' Grace". She just unloaded her magic boxes and we were blown away! If you have never been to the Red Shed or if you don't normally visit between sales.....ummm, Might want to rethink that! (please excuse my photography, because it does not do justice to the great colors, texture or sparkle of these beauties) I am going to try to get some paypal buttons on these, but in the mean time, if you are interested in having any of these MAILED to you, just give us a call or email. All of these items are one of a kind or in very limited quantities....

(Comments added 1/16...Alot of the items below have already SOLD. Thank You! Grace is working on more, or if you would like a custom order of something similar, let us know. We have asked that the wings and piano roll be left in the shop until Tuesday, so you can still come by and see them, AND we will have 2 more piano rolls next week, possibly another set of wings and one more LOVE banner)

Exhibit #1 Love Italian Style
Grace designed these fabulous "Amore'" Cupid Wings...
Additional vintage plumes were added to the top...Antique & Vintage millinery velvet roses and beads surround and Italian cupid....
Hand cut and glittered letters are strung between vintage glass and pearl beads...
All, Ala Grace! $58
Exhibit 2. Love French Style
These are absolutely the most darling thing I have seen done with vintage player piano rolls....
They say Love in French, with French CupidsPaper roses are crafted from French book pages and a fixed.....oh this is gorgeous....
Vintage bead on the bottom. It also has a rope added to the top to hang. These are just brilliant when the light is shining through them from a window... $38 SOLD!
Love Italian Style #2 Romeo & Juliet

Be still my heart $38 SOLD (We do have one, a different style)I love art banners, so I search them out a lot and I promise I have never seen one this lovely and detailed!
Flags of lace, and music with metal hearts and hand painted L-O-V-E are attached to a vintage pink ribbon...
The music is perfectly aged and then hand rouged in pink. LOVE it! Only 1! SOLD! (Another style available, see Jan 24th post)
Beautiful handmade valentines, each with a vintage beaded hanger and antique elements $14 ea.
Above SOLD!

Above SOLD!LUV this bookmark! Perfect for your mom! $15

Be Mine Box $22 SOLD!
Don't forget the date! Large Red Heart $28
Grace has designed several Valentines cones filled with chocolate for your Sweet! This is my favorite! $22 SOLD! (But one different style available)

Ok, maybe these are my favorite! Check out the Cupid's Arrow! The staff is very shiny, sparkly red glitter $18 ALL SOLD!
Puff Heart with arrow $22

There are some smaller ones also, some cute little tartlett pans that she has turned into Valentine magnets. Come in to see them all!
This little ensemble is not by Grace, but fabulous vintage V fun... 6 vintage Valentines in a custom frame. Cute enough to keep out all year! $34
To order by phone call 817-310-6006 or email
We will be open this Saturday, Jan 16th from 10 - 4. Next Saturday Sale Feb 27th.