Friday, January 30, 2009

Paris Flea Market Trip 2009 **Only 1 spot left!

You know you wanna........... You know you deserve it......... You been savin'...........Now is the time! Make that dream come true! The Red Shed Girls have ONE spot left on our Paris Flea Market Shopping trip in April. We just know there is a Blogger out there who would love to go!
(Attn all bloggers, feel free to copy the photo above and help us spread the word)

Don’t we all dream of shopping at the Paris Flea Market?

We have one wonderful lady who is looking for a roommate, and then our 2009 trip will be sold out. This is a GREAT time to go to Paris! The exchange rates are lower than they have been in years, so you can buy more and spend less. Whether you are a dealer or a personal shopper, we promise you will have the trip of a lifetime and come back with some great treasures!”

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Blog Sale! 1913 Prescription Log Record Book Antique

Okay! You asked for it! Here is your first opportunity to shop at Red Shed, no matter where you live in the country.Our First Blog offering is this fabulous book file of prescriptions from the Caldwell Sweet Company Pharmacy from the year 1912 - 1913. The book is covered in ivory canvas, consistant with it's age. The logo is CSCo. (for Caldwell Sweet Company in Maine).

The book is approximately 15 inches wide, 20 inches tall, and 5 inches wide.

We haven't counted all the pages, but there seems to be between 300 - 400, maybe more.

There are vintage RX prescriptions on both sides of each page from many different doctors....

The cover is sewn on, and the original thread is still intact.

Many of the RX's have intricate graphics, not to mention the vintage writing. Some say things like "two tablespoons of Castor oil".

The entire book is $500.00 and $10.00 to ship anywhere in the US. Any of you (like us!) who have purchased single pages as ephemera, know that they can be up to $10.00 or more for each page! We don't have the heart to break this one up. If you have a good friend or loved one who is a Doctor, Pharmacist, or just loves medical memorabilia, please let them know.

To purchase just click "BUY NOW" below and we will get it on it's way.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Altered Art Woven Textile Purse Class

We just finished our woven purse class at the Red Shed! These darling purses are made completely from recycled materials and even the looms are made from reinvented items .

There were all kinds of fabric available to mix and match. Some brought their own fabric that had special meaning to them. These purses can be made from an old blouse that you may have loved or an old pair of your kid's jammies.

The fabrics were cut into strips.....

Fun, fluffy yarns are added for texture, color, and softness....

Lots of embellishments to choose from...........

And the ladies are ready to go!

The fabric strips are woven on the loom....

Beautiful linings and straps are added, as well a personalized photos, jewelry and buckles.....
The gorgeous results!

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And the Winner is......Mildred!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we let every vote on which frame Grandma Mildred needed to return to glory?

Well, Donna took your great advice, bought the "little too big" white frame, and had her DH, Randy cut it down and match it perfectly to the painting. He said it took for ever because he only had ONE chance to get it right. Total cost for the makeover? $39.00 and a big kiss for Randy!

What do you think? Do Gorgeous Donna and Mildred have a resemblence?
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Join our group traveling to Paris in April 09 (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!)

Next Saturday Sale....... Feb. 28th.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Red Shed Gets a Facelift ** Best Instant Hardwood Floor Refinishers

The Red Shed REALLY needed a facelift! We sold as much as we possibly could in December at rock bottom prices to clear things out. We bought about 20 floor products to help, and we will tell the winners below.
See our lovely walls? All those white dots used to be holes. We have absolutely tortured our walls with nails and screws and brads and picture hangers.
The floors? Love hardwood, but "Note to time you open an antique store, go for indestructable wood LAMINATE". Repeated dragging of furniture across wood floors creates lots of :

So we pushed all the furniture to one side of the room......

Then spackled, and rubbed, cleaned and painted. Up and down lots of ladders. Thank goodness for textured walls that hide a myriad of sins.

Then we proceeded to figure out what would take off black scuffs, paint scuffs (again from dragging painted furniture), paint drops (too cold to paint outside),wax, glue, and what we think was epoxy, and many mystery globs!
Next, figuring out what would hide the scratches, and shine the floor. We spent LOTS AND LOTS of time on our hands and knees.......

After only 9 hours of nonstop work.....fabulous results! Beautiful clean walls.....and Shiny, healthy floors..............

The winners? Goof Off to remove all scuffs including black marks and paint. Its almost instant plus you get a little happy from the fumes. To cover the scratches, we used Howards Restore-A-Finish in Dark Oak and thinned it with some mineral spirits. We used the pointed end of a rag dipped in the Howards to just go over the scratch. We then cleaned with Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner on a microfiber mop. We went over everything again with a Swiffer to remove any left over dirt or dust particles. Final step was a coat of Orange Glo hardwood refinisher, which seemed to be a light water based poly. It dried quickly (15-20 minutes with ceiling fans) to a nice healthy shine.
What DIDNT work: Orange Glo hardwood cleaner and refinisher IN ONE. Scratch Cover magic markers, colors were bad and it just looked like we drew on the floor. Rejuvinate was OK but not as good as the OG refinisher and took longer to dry. Gel stain and Howards by themselves were too dark. None of the instant "refinishers" worked at all on filling in or hiding the scratches, so you still have to stain and blend your scratches before applying the poly "refinisher".

The furniture is moved back in and now we can finally SHOP and bring in new inventory! We are still trying to figure out a system so that we put less holes in the walls. All the mirrors and paintings may not be back up yet, but you can still buy them from where they are leaning.

So come visit us at the Red Shed! Don't forget that in between our Bi-Monthly Saturday Sales, we are open Monday - Friday 9 - 5. We have some wonderful new velvet pillows, and lots of vintage angels for your angel for Valentines day. We will be adding new items daily.
Finally, Everyone is always asking about our paint colors. We would not change the color because we probably get 5 or 6 requests every month to share the colors because they are so fabulous. It is actually 3 colors that compliment each other and change from blue to gray to green as the sun moves.
We purchased the paint at ICI Paint Center. It is a Glidden Ultra Hide and the colors are Valspar "Eiffel Tower, London Smoke, and Green Froth".
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Road Trip Time! Antiques a bloom in Malakoff, Texas

Though the Red Shed is in Grapevine, I actually live near Malakoff, Texas on beautiful Cedar Creek Lake (So almost everyday is a road trip for me). It is just the beginning of East Texas and is really beautiful. When my DH and I decided to "move to the lake" permanently, it really seemed like we were in the middle of hicksville-no-where, which we actually kinda liked. Junking was plentiful, but Cute Antiques... not so much.

That all changed when I met the Curious Goods Ladies. They were in the process of reinventing themselves into a "Shabby Garden Antiques" shop, and I was more than happy to help push them over the edge. Fast forward a couple of years and now Malakoff is home to over 10 antique stores and malls, with new found chicness culminating in the opening of the Junk Palace, Saturday at 11am. Lilly and Maggie have shared an adorable shop at Canton for the last few years, so we can't wait for the Grand Opening and hope you will join us in the country!While you are waiting for Junk Palace to open, stop and enjoy the view at Curious Goods, which will be opening at 10am. It sounds like bloggers galore will be attending as well as yours truly.

There is also a new shop called Black Eyed Susan, and I have often visited Juanita's Antiques, Antiques on Royal, and The Lindy Mall. I think you will find that it's worth the drive. If you can't make it this weekend, drop by the next time you are on your way to Canton!

Here's a map to help you find your way. It's just a little over an hour from Dallas.

View Larger Map

Hope to see you there!


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