Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm dreaming of a White Vintage Christmas

Yes, and we are Still dreaming! Once in a blue moon we might have a White Christmas in Texas, but usually it is 50 degrees or higher. Unfortunately when we set up for our December sale, thunderstorms were looming. With our expansive grounds unusable for presentation or cuteness, we crammed merchandised all of the extra inventory in the Shed, and tried to think of a wind and rain worthy Christmas display for the front yard. 
Val had a crazy idea to use tomato cages (and a wire dress form) and by the Grace of God, Gigi just happen to have some in her yard. We turned the tomato cages upside down and wired the stakes together,covered them with twinkle lights and yards of tulle to create the illusion of flowing white trees. Added a few interesting weather tolerable objects and Viola!.....

 A weather worthy montage that looked as great at night as during the day!
Here are more pictures from the rest of the sale..


We still have lots of great, unique Christmas Gifts at the Red Shed. Visit HERE to see just a few!
Merry Christmas and Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts! Michele, Valarie & Gigi, The Red Shed Girls.

Friday, December 2, 2011