Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red Shed Girls in Paris Day 2 ** Versaille

Day 2 in Paris included a memorable trip to the Palace Chatteau Versaille. Home to all the King Louis's, many Mary's and Marie Antonette...
The main palace is over the top, gilt and gold, velvet and silk.....
The highlight is the Hall of Mirrors, with gorgeous chandeliers, painted ceilings and mirror on all the walls.....The main thing we love at Versaille is the moldings and trim, art work and sculpture....

And the gardens are absolutely amazing....Here is a little story about Marie Antonette, who was "very modern"..
Marie didn't like being on "public" display at the palace. Now, can you blame her? Here is a picture of her bedroom, and the public was invited to watch her give birth, but make sure the kids were Royal. We weren't told if the little fence here was where they lined up to watch, but the bed was only about 3 inches from the fence.........

So Marie didnt like being in the palace, and had the King build her this "Hamlet" of 12 buildings for her and her friends. Talk about a "Place of your Own"!...

We just loved it!! We walked about 10 million miles at Versaille, from the palace to the apartments, then to the Hamlet, but our very last view was this Zen moment of a French man streching in the Hamlet gardens.
No. shopping today, except in the gift shop, but we had a GREAT day in Paris!


  1. Girls,
    Margo, Lillie and I were sitting in the Civic Center in Canton wishing you were here...... LOL
    Hope you girls are having a blast!!! Have you been to Malakoff?

  2. hello partners! your beautiful photos are making me really wish i was in paris with you all. gigi in her ebay french clothes was precious. i can hardly wait to see pictures of everyone's flea market finds. glad everything is going so well. xxo, michele jones ps. all is well at the red shed. i fluffed it up last night!

  3. I see "Angels in the Architecture".
    Yep Donna, Lilly and I were talking about you girls, were your ears burning??? We were feeling so sorry for you there in Paris when you could be melting here with us in ETEX :)
    Have a great time.