Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paper Artist Grace Barzyz featured at the Red Shed

Please remember the Red Shed is OPEN Monday - Saturday 10 - 5 until Christmas!.

This Christmas Season, we have been so blessed at the Red Shed , to be the exclusive home of Paper Artist, Grace Barzyz of "a la Grace' ". Everyone who attended our Sale last weekend was "oo-ing and ah-ing" over her magnificent Christmas decorations......and if you are interested, they are can be mailed. Just give us a call at 817-310-6006.

Take a look at these darling paper shoes embellished with vintage millinery or glitter and filled with goodies ($15.00). What a great gift for your favorite shoe aficionado !
Oh and the cones! These glorious baubles are about 24" tall. Oh, the angel cone....Almost hoping this one WONT sell, so it can come home with me or live at the Red Shed forever.....
And the snow babies! How fun would it be to use these for "grown up" Christmas Stockings, or just to flank a fireplace, window or winter bed scape ($68.00)I would die of happiness if someone gave me one of these candy filled small cones in a gift exchange...($22.00). They also make PERFECT Hostess gifts!Darling Flags and Banners for your favorite Music Lover....
These adorable flags ($12.50) and New Year's Clocks ($17.00) below SOLD OUT the first day of our sale so we BEGGED Grace to make us more. She stayed up all night, just for you! If you were one of those fighting for a clock or flag, come back in or call us, we have just a couple more...
And, Oh the ornament paper hats ($7.50) and darling "Christmas Wonder" blue snow girl, with music on the back ($17.00)
And of course the Dresden trimmed ornaments. You have seen these in all the best magazines and for atronomical prices. Grace's are much less for better quality, so come by or call if you are interested,,,,,,
As Grace puts is "I can make anything out of paper!". We believe her! and the results are stunning!So come by....Everyone needs a little Grace at Christmas time. All of these beautiful items are destined to be beloved heirlooms.

Again, The Red Shed will be open Monday - SATURDAY until Christmas. Please drop by and say HI or give us a call! We will be adding more lovelies to the Blog that are very "mailable" if you have been dieing for a little "Red Shed", but you live out of State.

Photograpy by Michael Patras