Monday, February 21, 2011

Taming "The Beast"

From the first time I set eyes on it, I knew it would be trouble....In fact I left it behind and went home. But a week later, it was still calling to me...
7 feet tall and 5 feet's owner handed me a bag and said "I have all the pieces".....

How would I move it? (Gotta have a Big truck...Gotta try not to break it...) Where would I put it while I tried to fix it? It has to lay flat to be repaired, and Way too big to do it inside.
But the size, the intricate hand carving and wonderfully aged mirror won out over plain old common sense.
Thanks to my DH and the Grace of God, it arrived unbroken. We laid it on a large iron table and began the reconstruction....It was like a puzzle....
Got the glue, the nails and the clamps....

But it all took a lot longer than planned....and as the night wore on, finally I started priming....

But it ate primer, and all those edges, and leaves, and swirls.....ugg....
Finally stopped for the night, but we had to keep going to get it done before any rain. Michele picked up the next evening and started the first coat of paint....Michele called crying saying she had named it "The Beast" and that it was eating paint.....rain was on the horizon so we had to bring it in.
Propped on blankets for protection the last coats of paint and antiquing had to be done with "The Beast" standing up. I was literally laying on the floor....But oh.....the results..

The Beast is now going to be the Grand Dame of our upcoming show. Now the only questions the heck to hang it and how much to ask? What do you think?
"The Beast" in all it's Glory


  1. Wow! It's beautiful, but you knew it could be. I love it and so will others. "The Beast" will sell itself to someone with a really big wall. Great job! judy

  2. Ah...Beauty and The favorite!
    The only proper way to display that bad boy is by propping!'s your formula for pricing...
    (H=Hours working on it) (T=Tears shed) (S=Sheer Size & Sweat ratio) (D=Desirablity) ($=Ca-jing!)
    P.S. Aren't you glad I paid attention during algebra?

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I love Debbie's pricing


  4. Simply beautiful. And so worth every gallon of paint and primer.



  5. so absolutely gorgeous...posting about your show. Lezlee

  6. incredible. and totally worth all the work!


  7. That is gorgeous. How lucky you were to find this 'beast'. It is truly a treasure transformed.

  8. what a beautiful piece. thank god you did not pass this up.

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I want, I want, I want!!!

    Saw this on Miss Mustard Seed and HAD to come over and see it :D