Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Shed has Gone to the Dogs

We admit it, we have gone to the dogs. When it gets so hot in Texas, our brains start whirling and the silliest things crack us up. Admittedly we usually think we are a WHOLE lot funnier than everyone else thinks we are.
So back to the dogs. Yes, we torture our poor little French bulldog mascot, "Red" and dress him for each and every sale and holiday...
We can't resist any great stray dogs. Like this one who found his way into the shop..
A few days ago we were at a great estate sale and Michele found another little stray. A buddy for Red.!.
 Immediately, we said, "lets put him in the car, lets put a seat belt on him, lets take pictures of him!"Before we knew it, the people running the estate sale were taking pictures of us taking pictures! Of course MM had a ball driving back to the shop and pulling through drive-thru's, just for fun....

So not exactly what you would expect to see at the Red Shed....but we added a little vintage lingerie on his head....
because who hasn't had their dog chew on their underwear??... Then we found this TO DIE FOR "Beware of Dog" Fence...
Hmm, I feel a theme coming on... And it is true...We have absolutely gone to the Dogs......
And maybe to the cats a little bit too...

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  1. How fun! Since I own a couple of labs, that second one of a lab speaks to me. I might have to stop by and check it out. That gate is just awesome!!!

  2. LOL!!! Yes, we are in the Dog Days of Summer and I am laughing because Deidra and I are having a contest on our Girls Gone Junkin FB! involves a persons favorite summer "dog" pic....I think you for sure need to enter!!!
    Hugs and Junkin Luv!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Makes me want to sing "Who let the dogs out"

  4. Oh Ilove the "Beware oF Dog" gate and the dogs are just too cute