Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Junk Bonanza Giveaway Contest!

Why do we make a yearly pilgrimage to the Junk Bonanza in Minnesota?  Very simply, it is for all of the..
Great Stuff!

The JB has over 150 hand picked vendors and you really can't shake a stick without hitting the most amazing architechturals, funky farm fare, fabulous furniture and ridiculously rad reinvented treasures.

We are so excited that the Bonanza is sharing the bounty with a great giveaway for our readers!

You can win a a Junk Bonanza tote stuffed with these goodies:
* Two VIP tickets, good for entry all three days of the event including the Early Bird opening, two hours before general admission on Thursday!
* A hat from the Junk Revolution store!
* The latest issue of Flea Market Style, which should begin rolling off the presses soon!
(If you can't make it to Minnesota, give away the tickets in another contest on Your blog!) 
(Or send them to Michele and I to use!..haha)
Just leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite junk find! Contest ends August 19th. For an TWO EXTRA entries, like us on facebook, and upload a picture of your favorite junk find!
Hope to see you at the Junk Bonanza!
PS. Mark your calendars for August 27th, the Red Shed Sale, aptly named "French Fry".


  1. My favorite junk find? Oooh, I don't know because I have been lucky enough to find a few. I have a couple of side tables (one found on the side of the road :) that were great finds after I fixed them up. Looking forward to the French Fry (and we'll be there early so we don't fry in this heat!)

  2. I'm loving the chance to win this giveaway (and already looking forward to the Junk Bonanza -- it's only about 15 miles from my house). My favorite junk find? I've been an avid estate saler/auction attendee so have had many thrills -- one of the most fun was in a house where salers were "cautioned" because of structure and clutter. I spent some glorious time in a hot attic that was filled to the brim with boxes of vintage and antique fabrics, lace, and ribbon. Which I was able to buy for mere pennies...

  3. Do I have to pick just one :/ ??? Well.....I guess my favorite is a side trim from a beautiful doorway. It was cleaned only (any original paint was not sanded off) and then stained over the whole piece. I have it leaning on one side of the inset of my front windows and you see it's warmth and beauty just as you turn into our house. I fell in love with it right away and knew I had to have it! I so LOVE the Junk Bonanza.......

  4. My best junk find? A Transom type window that we have hanging in our living room! We get comments on how cool it is all the time. But, that is only one of the cool things I have found at the Junk Bonanza! Looking forward to what I can find this year!!!!! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  5. My favorite junk find were 3 vintage 20" spools of thread used to make tassels and trims. I got them at Isle de Sorge in Provance france. Can't wait to go to Junk Bonanza, hope I win the tickets!!

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  7. Great giveaway! I can't wait for this years junk bonanza!
    my favorite junk find changes weekly, but right now it is an old shabby baby cup engraved with initials and the date 1901.

  8. This is so wonderful!!! How fun to win this. I live in Wisconsin and would LOVE to attend. Thanks for this opportunity!

  9. Thank you for this exciting chance to win!!!! I have never been to the Junk Bonanza but I would be more than thrilled to have the opportunity to go! I live in Utah -but would hop on a plane in a minute to go! I would be like a little kid in a candy store!!!!
    My favorite junk finds tend to be anything "heavy metal" with plenty of rust to give it that great patina! I love to find pieces that others can't see what to do with it.
    I just finished two bathrooms with all recycled items and I can't wait to go looking for more! Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  10. I'll be there! Put my name in the hat please!! I can't wait to go to the Creative Connection and the Junk Bonanza. Are you just going or do you have a booth. If so tell me where you'll be! I still keep looking at that Paris trip in April, I want to go so bad!

    My favorite find, an estate sale of a woman who owned a bridal shop, the Holy Grail of all estate sales and I was a brat! I was booty blocking right back when fighting for bridal lace and bridal dress sleeves for $5.I ended up having a whole closet of just my stuff and wore the poor woman helping me out so bad that she had to take a break and have a smoke and a Dr.Pepper! Ye-ha it took me 30 minutes to load the car. I adjusted my estate sale little piggy nose and drove home like a banchee as fast as I could to hide every bit of it from Hubby! And I did! Now would I not be fun to shop with at the Junk Bonanza! xoxo-cindy