Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Dogs!

Nope, not a post about my love of genetically modified hotdogs, but about the creativity of our own Gigi Ewbank..
A Dallas Thanksgiving tradition is the YMCA Turkey Trot. Huge crowds pour into Dallas early Thanksgiving  morning to run a 5K or 8K to earn money for the Y. This year they were also trying to set a record for the most runners dressed like TURKEYS (!?!).

Well, trust a Red Shed Girl, to want to get in on the fun. Cleverly creative Gigi headed to the Dollar Store....

To make sure that Bandit and Scooter (known as "the Boys") didn't miss out on the festivities!

Looks like Mom and Dad had fun too!
How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

Join us December 3rd for a Joyeux Noel Celebration at the Red Shed.

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  1. Now that is adorable! the two pups are definitely festive! Love them! I shared my day with my son and his family and we had a wonderful time! Great food too!