Tuesday, February 14, 2012

French Communion Card & Vintage Milllinery Find New Home

Some things are just meant to be. I found this beautiful, swoon worthy, French Communion Card in Paris at the Marche Vernaison. Cards this gorgeous and delicate are a little hard to find because the dealers keep them in books, hidden behind the counter.

 It opened up to two pages and hand wonderful French prayers on the inside, and on the back, a hand written signature and a date of 1880.

Six months later I was at an antique dealer's house in Provence and found this beautiful vintage waxed millinery bouquet. The buds and flowers are called waxed orange blossom, and each stem was wound from top to bottom with silver wire. I kept it in our glass jewelry case at the shop, but few took notice of it.

I had the Communion card listed in our ETSY Shop, and one day, when someone had a question about it,  I happen to take a closer look. I noticed that one of the angels, Humilite, was pinning a bouquet on the "bride", and it was the exact bouquet I had!
Less than two days later, the card sold on ETSY to a sweet lady name Susan from Virginia. I immediately sent her an email to see if she would like to purchase the communion bouquet and she said "Yes!".
A week or two later she sent an email showing me the unique frame that she had been saving, exactly for a display such as this...

 The frame actually has 1 1/2 inches of space between the glass and the back.The exact amount needed to display not only the card, but also the flowers, under glass.
What do you think? I love it when fate takes over and brings things back together that could have stayed miles apart. Susan just sent me these final photos of the project with the background changed to a blue-grey. Love the whole display!

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