Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not a tutorial

Usually if you write blogs you are also reading blogs. I saw the cutest name of a blog the other day called "Can't stop making things". I just loved the name, because we love to try different methods to make great decor for the shop.
I recently used a water decal transfer method (which I saw on the Graphics Fairy Blog )to make these great containers using some wonderful vintage glass canning jars, canisters and candles.
I also found several of the French Graphics on Graphics Fairy
It was a little tricky to get the graphics right, and a few tries to figure out how to handle the decals, but then it was pretty fun!
I saw another transfer method for wood on the blog called A Lapin Life , using a wood workers tool. She swore that it was really easy and her new fave transfer method! Me? Not So Much.
I wanted to make a Bed & Breakfast sign and had a cool board, unfortunately.....
 Right out of the gate, I started a fire in my kitchen...
 Next it melted the paint from the from the board on to the paper....not what I was going for...
Then it welded the paper to the the board. OK, so it was my first try. I am going to assume that the "wood tool" cycles hotter and colder, or wasn't done heating up or something. My board was very textured and was also painted. So I may try again on another surface, but I'm an "I need a satisfying experience within 15 minutes" kind of girl, or I move on to something else...
So I got out my paint brushes in order to have just a little instant gratification.

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  1. Any transfer method is tricky. It just is. In my opinion that is. They all take some "doing".
    Love the way your jars turned out.