Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Architectural Salvage & Euro Treasures in Salt Lake City

 Kind of like people who live in New York and have never visited the statue of Liberty, it has been years since I have gone antiquing in Salt Lake City, even though I was born and raised there. I go back at least once a year, but I usually spend all of my time visiting with family. I was lucky this year to have a couple of extra hours so I Googled "Architectural Salvage" from my phone and it led me to "Georges Architectural Salvage". From the front it looked deceptively small and a little bit intimidating

Well, intimidating for someone else, not for me. Right inside the front door were claustrophobic walls of hardware, light fixtures and just plain junk. 
Though everything was layered with dust, do you see that great white scale under the boom box? While I was in happily digging in a corner I saw several people (actually, yuppies..do people still use that word?) quickly walk in and walk out. 
I, instead, wandered and stumbled across a back door (using an old radiator turned sideways as a step) and found a HUGE yard full of AWESOME JUNK! I was immediately sorry I didn't have a truck and had broken my own travel rule about always packing an extra suitcase in a suitcase.
I found tons of fabulous white iron
and this aqua door ($15!!) and gorgeous mantle. As I continued to find more and more treasures (among squished fruit fallen from the trees, and lots of broken glass) I came across a whole other building, the light calling me in the door like a holy grail......awwww!!!!! There was an entire warehouse full of doors! Doors of every size shape and color

All just kept thinking "I REALLY had a truck to drive back to Texas!" This video will give you a little idea....

After an uneventful quick stop at the DI (Deseret Industries, or the Goodwill of Utah), my scouting took me to Euro Treasures, a 85000 sq ft (not a typo) warehouse full of antique furniture.

 There were tons (literally) of  every kind of furniture imaginable. The first big surprise was a plethora of Mission & Arts and Crafts furniture

They had some really fun and interesting pieces though most were a little rich for my blood..

The second big surprise was up a staircase in the back. There was a whole second level and it was completely, totally filled with CHAIRS. I mean chairs as far as the eye could see....I was totally speechless! Watch this video to see if you think I'm exaggerating...
When I was leaving there was a woman who had just walked in and was looking for a vintage desk chair, and asked if they had any... I just smiled.

PS. Just a few more days until we start taking deposits for our Paris 2013 Flea Market Shopping Trip! We have also had a couple of cancellations on our Provence 2012 Trip in October, so we have two spots


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