Friday, June 21, 2013

Tuscany Italy Flea Market Antique Tour "The Antiques"!

How is the Antiquing in Italy? Lots of people know of the great treasure hunting in France, but the number one question about our Italy trips is ... How is the shopping?
We time our trips around the Flea Market dates in the city of Arezzo. Located at the top of a hill (as most Tuscan cities are...) , once a month, the entire city turns into a flea market!

You climb to the top, then slowly work your way through the winding streets and the interesting and varied vendors.......
Your reward for being is such good shape is plethora of antiques and vintage as far as the eye can see... here are just a few samples!

Ever wonder what a REAL Santos looks like? Feast your eyes...
Love the Italian colors....

And what if it should rain? As it can..
Have no fear!! Our wonderful Diva guides then take us to little known antique stores, consignment, achitechtural and thrift shops where treasures WILL be found! (That's why we ALWAYS use local antiquing guides... to go where no American has gone before....;)

And how many treasures can you get home in your suitcase? Just ask Gigi! These are just "some" of the great finds that came home with Gigi, and Yes, the wine press was checked in her bags!

 We have just a few spots left on our November trip to Italy. Early November is olive harvesting season (and our villa is on an olive farm!) and so fun to watch a family olive pressing. For more information visit or Web Site: 


  1. I'm so happy I came across your post! My family and I are in the midst of planning a trip where we are looking at villas for rent in Tuscany. I'm so excited that I couldn't help but read about others experiences to see how I'll fill my days. My mother and I share the hobby of antiquing here in the U.S. but antique stores in the U.S. probably have nothing on the ones in Italy. Thanks for sharing!!