Monday, July 21, 2008

Creative Classes / Altered Art / Create your own Antiques at the Red Shed

Explore your creative side! We have had so many people ask us about learning how to make some of the wonderful, unique treasures that we sell at the Red Shed. Maybe you would like to turn some of your own collections into pieces of art, or just make a lasting and clever display from your old family photos. This fall our brilliant friend Jeanne Stregles (who created all of the collage cards below) and our resident designer, Michele Jones will be teaching and hosting creative classes at the Red Shed. Each class will be designed so that you can take home a completed project at the end of the class. These precious cards will be the first project and will teach collaging skills. The collage is affixed to a heavy vintage paper and the edges are sewn. Can you imagine sending a great card like this to your Mom or Grandmother and have the featured photo be her as a child?

Future classes will include soldering gun lessons so that you can make soldered charms and great art pieces like this one made my Michele Jones out of vintage bottles and costume jewelry:

If you have ever taken classes before or thought about it, you should know that the Teacher is the MOST important part of the process. We promise that Jeanne is the BEST!

If you are interested in a schedule of classes please contact the Red Shed at 817-310-6006 to be put on the list, or send an email to We don't have the exact dates yet, but they will start in the fall. Classes will be limited in number and first come first serve! I know I am getting my name on the list!


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  1. I would definitely be interested. Michele has my contact info. on file (Joanna Lewis, Mansfield). If not, please just sent me an e-mail.