Friday, February 20, 2009

Soldered Charm Class & Red Shed Saturday Sale Sneak Peek

Thursday nights are for "Running With Scissors" .....Art Classes, that is, at the Red Shed. In last night's class we made these beautiful beveled charms adorned with chains to make them "jewelry' for yourself or your walls.

Special guest student was Donna from Curious Goods Antiques in Malakoff, TX. I was so excited for her to come to the Red Shed. I have known her and shopped her cute store for a few years now, and have been dying for her to come visit ME! So that's Donna on the left, Valarie (me), and Michele Jones.

We gathered around Jeanie and listened to our instructions.......She always assures us that "we, too can make art"....but I am seeing some looks of uncertainty..........

Jeanie always makes soldering look SO EASY!..........

Every one gets to work, with lots of personal instruction from Jeanie and Michele......

I think Donna has it down......

Is it possible? Did we create art? Judge for yourself as you see the fabulous finished pieces that went out the door to their new homes!

Donna used a CG for Curious Goods, cut from a vintage dictionary....

Though everything is provided in all of our Altered Art & Soldering classes, for each person to go home with a completed piece, we love to encourage people to personalize their art. This piece was in remembrance of the artist's grandmother who was named "Birdie". The bauble attached to the bottom was one of grandmother's old earrings.

Please leave a comment and let our ladies know what you think about their great talents and creativity!
Only 8 days until the RED SHED Saturday Sale. We are so excited for this sale. We have found just some absolutely fabulous, wonderful and unique pieces. Really some of the best we have had. Here is one little sneak peek.

These angel wings have been my pet project the last few weeks. I have made each one by hand, casting, painting, and antiquing. On the back is a loop for hanging and a decoupaged a page from a vintage book called "Angelic Wisdom". Each page is numbered and has a different message about heaven, and each piece is a little different, since they are made one by one. These look just as fabulous on a wall as they do leaning on a shelf.
Of course, we had to put them on a velveteen rabbit......but that's just us.
The Red Shed will be closed all next week as we get ready for the Sale next Saturday. But LUCKY YOU! While the shop will be closed, we are going to have a few unique items on Blog Sale. These will be items that are unique, are better described in detail, and are shippable. So if you have always wanted to Shop at the Red Shed.....Now is your chance! Stay tuned!


  1. What awesome soldered charms !! What a bunch of talented ladies at The Red Shed !!

  2. LOVE those charms, ladies! Fabulous job! ;) I am going to be at the next class, for sure! ;)

  3. I wish I lived in Texas! You have so many great classes. I love all the fun trinkets! Everyone's designs are wonderful! Good luck on your sale!