Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red Shed Paris Tour Day 6 ** Amazing Paris

Paris is just so vast and amazing that it is easy to have fabulous discoveries right outside your door, that you might not even know about. Today we took a tour in the Latin Quarter guided by Ex-Pat, Richard Nahem, who owns Eye Prefer Paris Tours. and Eye Prefer Paris Cooking Classes.
Richard promote "the Paris that Tourists never see", and he certainly did not disappoint.
We entered a small gate, right in the middle of a residential district and descended a lovely stair case, that ensconced this beautiful headless statue.

What looked like a garden, opened up into a Roman stone Colosseum! At one time this Colosseum held up to 15000 people. Over the years, parts of it were dismantled and used for wall fences around Paris....But even the gates that they kept the Lions behind remain!
If that wasn't a big enough shock to find in the middle of Paris, our next stop was at a beautiful Mosque...
We were not able to take photos of the indoor prayer rooms, but these enclosed gardens were just fabulous!
A few more steps filled with lovely architecture, window boxes filled with flowers and amazing ornamental iron.........and our next stop was the lovely botanical gardens, conservatory, and zoology museums. 69 acres right in the middle of the Latin Quarter!

These were glass conservatories with an opalescent glow.
As our walk continued, around every corner, the smallest detail would tickle us!
We ended our walk in a lovely park, and a view of the Pantheon.
The afternoon was for free time, and it was well spent! Kim, Jana, and Joy went with Jodie to score some beautiful new luggage and purses....

After everyone was rested up and cleaned up we headed to our deluxe farewell dinner cruise aboard Bateaux Parisian...........
Of course, we had the best table in the house. We were again serenaded........
We relaxed and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery....
And danced the night away..........
We arrived back at port, directly under a sparkling Eiffel Tower. The perfect ending to a perfect day and a wonderful trip. Click to see it sparkle!


  1. Such lovely photos. I cannot imagine actually seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up and right smack in front of me! It must be breath taking!

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing! I'm coming back this weekend to take a look at your past posts. Happy weekend and bonne journée!

  3. Merci pour le tour de Paris. Soie bienvenu a les Etats Unis. Et plus a etat de Texas!
    Now if you girls have spent this much time in France you should be able to translate my message. Loved all the pictures. As fun as it was I bet you are glad to be home.!!

  4. I have been dreaming of Paris lately. Wonder why?

    I have only been once and it was about 12 yrs ago. I long to return again someday.

  5. As we have spoken to all of the ladies that joined us on this trip, they all said that their dreams have been filled with Paris since they have been home. (Mine always are for at least a week). I think something about the gardens and architecture and history, and just the feel of the city, stimulates our hearts and souls in a way that is not easily forgotten.