Monday, May 18, 2009

New Chic Displays and "Any Vintage Hat experts out there?"

Every time we sell a big piece of furniture or big mirror or piece of art, Michele Jones takes hours to rework and re merchandise all the the displays in the shop. We call it "Fluff & Shine". Here are some of her newest displays, a couple of darling pieces of new furniture in, and some interesting hats that we need help with......

Some fabulous iron, I may have to grab one of these for myself.....

If you or your daughter want complete Hollywood star treatment, how about this white and gold vanity and dresser....

Love this cow tag necklace / belt! There is also a necklace made from a vintage clock hand with rhinestones, and an antique optical lens fused with french stamps.

All of the handmade angel wings are gone now, but I am hoping to be able to make more before our June 27th Sale...

We have two wonderful black display cabinets, one is small, and one is about 4 feet tall....Here is our millinery dilemma. If anyone knows any information about these hats, please share it with us. We have two of these interesting beaded and tucked hats. Are they just a Sunday Go To Church hat or do they have some cultural significance?This one really has us stumped. Is it military? Sunday? Mason? We are not really even sure which is the front and which is the back? Come on, you experts out there, show us what you've got!
Be sure to mark you calendars for Saturday, June 27th, for our "French Market" Sale.


  1. Lovely items and vignettes. I wish I could help you with the hats. I'm sure someone will be able to give you the information.


  2. If there is a sweat band where your forehead would rest check under there for information.

  3. The one with what looks like silk on the top, reminds me of a bull fighters hat! Looks so awesome.
    The second looks like some kind of ceremonial, military or even a hat for a costume.
    What a find as hats are one of my weeknesses. The more unique and different the better.

  4. Hi Girls....haven't seen you since you bought my couch...hope you would make it to the trade days sale May 9th....we are all so busy though. It is always interesting to see what you are up to....nice displays as usual. Stop by and visit my blog and hope to see you in the store sometime soon...I have new dealers with more great "stuff"...jana

  5. Great job at the fluff and shine, everything looks just perfect!! Tootles, Janna

  6. It looks fabulous, I just might have to make the trip this time.