Friday, June 12, 2009

French Market Preview *** Red Shed Antiques, Grapevine, Texas

If you haven't already marked your calendars, now is the time! Saturday, June 27th, 8am!
The French Market Sale at the Red Shed is almost here! Our Paris Purchases are still under wraps right now, but we will be CLOSED all next week (June 22 - 26) so that we can bring out the Bounty found at the Paris Flea Markets! We will remake the Red Shed into a Parisian French Market, and everywhere you look you will find the perfect item with a French Flair. Look for French writing, engraving, embossing, monogramming, or style. Most vintage and antique, some new, ....ALL FABULOUS!
Here is just a little taste to whet your whistle....

I personally found and carried this vintage, hand painted thermometer around the Paris Flea Market. 3 people from 3 different countries tried to buy it from me. Later I figured out it wouldn't fit in my luggage, and I couldn't carry it on, because of the original mercury. How did I get it back safely to the Red Shed? Who ever buys it will get the whole story!
Fabulous French Prints.........
Hundreds of French Saint book plates. Each one a piece of Art...

How about an engraved Bocce Ball?
French Dog Awards...
We will have lots of vintage French perfume bottles and containers...This little guy has a story. He is a little porcelain stopper made by Limoges that was used in the center of a babies warming plate. The plate was hollow and filled with warm water from a hole in the center. I guess the dog kept them entertained! These aren't much bigger than a thimble and this one is placed on on cork for display. We have 5 or 6 of these.Oh, the French Maps we have brought back! All on linen.........I promise your heart will skip a beat when they are unfolded!
Vintage champagne buckets..............French Crochet and Lace.....The PERFECT addition to your Paris Apartment Chic look!
This French Fresco is an amazing Man. We didn't purchase him on this trip, but from a French dealer at the Rose Bowl flea market, but he is 100% French and 100% amazing!
We have much, much more...from French trophy loving cups, to antique jewelry, Hotel silver, French bird prints, mirrors, LOTS of French won't be disappointed!
Here are just a few of the non vintage items you will find....

This clock is fabulous. It's not old, but from a French manufacturer. It is a very heavy metal with the numbers on cut metal plates....

This piece will take your breath away if you are a died in the wool Francophile. Styled after a Deco Metro station posting board, this is a working chalkboard with exquisite detail.
We Love these bamboo rugs, they add instant drama to any room and are virtually indestructible...

And a few more recent arrivals.................
Join us for the French Market Sale and take home a little taste of Paris. Something for everyone, many for under $10.00! Remember, shop Vintage for ultimate GREEN shopping!
See you Saturday, June 27th!
The original photo at the beginning of the post was taken by Timothy H. White at a flea market in the South of France and can be purchased at



  1. I see goodies galore! Count me in! ~Mindy

  2. Wow! Oh Wow! Do I every wish I lived in Texas right about now! Looks like you found wonderful treasures! I'm sure your day on the 27th will be a major success!
    Best Regards,

  3. I so wish I was closer!! Blessings... Polly