Monday, June 8, 2009

Winnie & Tulula's Grand Opening June 13th Athens Texas Antiques

It is almost like being a proud parent when friends of yours are starting a new adventure (another version of "Re-inventing"). As if they weren't busy enough selling at their own shops, Canton and Warrenton, several of our blogger/antiquing friends are coming together to sell at a fun and beautiful new venue called "Winnie & Tulula's" in Athens, Texas.

The Grand Opening is this Saturday, June 13th, so all of you who are planning a trip to Judy Hill's sale on June 11th, can just spend an extra day in beautiful East Texas, and Antique your hearts out! I can't wait because this is in my neck of the woods, but for those of you who don't know where Athens is, it is about 20 miles directly South of Canton on 19, or if you have shopped in Malakoff, the other antique mecca (11 shops and 3 malls) of East Texas, you can just continue East on 31 and the next city you come to will be Athens. (EASY to make a Day of fun and reasonable Antiquing, also it is absolutely gorgeous and GREEN this time of year!)

Our friends who will be at this shop:
Garden Antiques byTeresa Cano, Donna and Rhonda of Curious Goods, Mindy of Primitiques, Junk Palace by Lilly Bussey, The Veranda by Maggy Lopez, Talking Trash Debbie & Danny York, and Ruff by Margo Arrick.
There will also be:
Country girl Collection's by Diane Taylor, Monochromatic Home by Liz Caudle, Simply Cottage by Pat Williams & Amy Seabolt, Virgins, Saints and Sinners, by Tina Bordelon and Donna Fussel, and Ethel's Just Junke
I haven't met these gals, but I am sure I will! Also the owners of W&T's own Sweet Pea Collection of fabulous bedding that will be featured at the shop. So here is a little sneak preview...

It will be worth the drive!
Don't forget our own "French Market" Sale on Saturday June 27th at the Red Shed in Grapevine, Texas! Treasures from Paris Flea Market buying trip will be revealed and ready to go home with you!


  1. So hope to see you at the opening. Great post, T

  2. Thank you so much for blogging about us! I hope y'all get to come out. If so, please introduce yourselves. I'd love to meet y'all. And that goes for everyone reading this! ~Mindy

  3. Hope to see ya at W&T's. It will be so much fun. Thanks for blogging about the GRAND OPENING.