Friday, July 31, 2009

What's up and New at the Red Shed

Here are just a few new (old) items at the Red Shed. Darling vintage expandable dress form $99 ....
Great rolling wire laundry basket $72 ..............
Fabulous Frame! Sorry, SOLD.
Oh My Goodness, this mirror is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Really, the most striking I have seen in a long time! $115 .SOLD!....
Look at the detail!
Wonderful large mantle would look a whole lot better on your wall or above your fireplace, than it does on our floor! $110 ........
Not old, but adorable for your Paris Chic room. These are actually match stick blinds, but they certainly don't need a window to make a statement! $45
I just finished making a new batch of our signature initial necklaces. If you haven't seen the new ones, the "B" on the right is made from a 1800s French Saint Book Plate. We have many letters in this style, and you will ONLY find them at the Red Shed, and only $9.99! (includes chain) (White background a&B SOLD, but I will be making more)


  1. Drooling over Ms Metal Mannequin and the Laundry basket, Love the Charms, may have to contact you to purchase one! Blessings, Janna

  2. Oh, dear. I see why the frame is gone. Way cool. The mantle is pretty cool, too. Man, I have got to come see y'all. ~Mindy

  3. Hello!
    Recently discovered you! Do you have the itinerary for Paris this spring? Is the trip full?
    Just had a garage sale today and thinking of garage sales makes me think of flea markets .... and flea markets makes you think of Paris .... and I've never been, so may be the time to go .... RIGHT?!
    Have a super weekend!
    Betty :)