Saturday, August 1, 2009

What does the Butcher & the Lace Maker have in common?

Nothing is better than getting a package in the mail that you have forgotten is even coming! Yesterday we got a box from Dr. Amy the Professor of Junkologie, and proprietor of WhisperWood Cottage Blog.
If you haven't added her blog to your "favorites", you really should. Her talent and photography is absolutely inspiring.
Anyhoo....Amy had donated a prize to benefit Baby Bella, "preemie with an attitude" according to her grandmother, Deb at Talking Trash , which we won. Of course due to my limited mental storage space (just like my house & my computer, when a new thing comes in, something else is just never know what that is going to be), I totally had forgotten it was coming and couldn't even remember what was coming. When I opened the box I found this great, perfectly shabby, white enamel butcher paper dispenser...........

Well, it took me about 2 seconds to know what I was going to do with it, and now it is happily dispensing lace by the yard at the Red Shed.

Michele M has been giddy all week long as she has been on antique buying trip to Indiana. She calls me daily and sends photos to my phone, and tells me they don't need air conditioning, just to make me miserable! Stay tuned for photos from that trip and for Amish treasures at our next Saturday Sale on August 29th.



  1. Love what you've done with it!! Minnesota is missing you girls! No AC needed here either!! :)


  2. When Amy did the whole post on your little beauty I was mesmerized by all the possibilities...obviously she missed one! Great repurpose!!!
    P.S. Great running into you yesterday