Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gorgeous Red Shed Photos from Yony Kim

The Gardens at the Red Shed are always awash with professional Photographers, especially during the Holidays. The wonderful light and textures, as well as the arbors and doors that are perfect for posing their clients, are just too much to resist. We always allow photographers to freely use our grounds, but we have never had one send us some (free) photos as a show of appreciation. That is ....until cute girl, Yony Kim, came by. Yony owns Yony Kim Photography, and I absolutely LOVE her photo concept. She simply charges a sitting fee (a little more for brides or seniors who need a little "touch up" for perfect photos), then she turns a selection of proofs over to you to print as you please! No over charging or holding your photos hostage! I love her and we have already sent some business her way. Yony is also a fabulous photographer. Here area a few still lifes that she took at the Red Shed. I'm sure you may see them next year, recycled as a Christmas Card.
If you give Yony a call, be sure to tell her that the Red Shed Girls sent you!


  1. Those photos are breathtaking.
    Such a lovely layout and so shabby.
    Wonderfully done.

  2. Wow! Great photography! And how very smart of her to send you some photos. What is up with the dummies who haven't? Sheesh... ~Mindy

  3. Valarie, I am so flattered to be included on your blog! Thanks so much for the plug, and really, when I mentioned to you in the store that I was planning to email you some photos and you told me that no photographer had so much as offered to do that before, I was really kind of shocked. So I am glad to be the first to share some photos taken on your lovely property and will continue to do so, I promise!

    I should make one note, however, just to clarify, that I do not release ALL of the proofs from my sessions. I choose and edit the 25+ best images, burn them to a disc, and release copyright on those. I believe that my photos are not complete until I have spent considerable time in the editing process, so the unedited shots are not ever released. I am re-thinking all of my policies as I approach 2010, however, so you never know what I will change. I just don't like the idea of my raw shots floating around out there. I guess it is the "artist" (ha!) in me. I hope this makes sense!

    Anyway, thanks again and I will stop by in the new year with a stack of my business cards like I promised! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. loved your comment about ylk photography! she has such an amazing eye and my family and i have been one of the lucky ones to be photographed by her! these photos are beautiful and would make awesome cards!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Put me on your Christmas card list for next year!