Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy January Decorating!

Happy New Year Everyone! We took a little break over the the holidays, but it's time to get ready for spring, so we are out and about scouting up some fun new decor. We got a surprise back order of cloches, which didn't make it for Christmas, but actually are fabulous for Spring.
Fun friend and Grapevine Girl, Kim Kerlee (you can see a darling article about her recent wedding HERE) came by looking for some inspiration in jazzing up her front entry.
She had purchased one of our fabulous tall mirrors, her husband hung it a foot or two off the ground and she wanted something interesting to put in front of it. Kim has great taste and fun, eclectic sense of style, so we gathered a few items and started playing......
We already had this gold crown on the fab statue head... but she wasn't wild about the gold..
So we grabbed a silver glitter crown, but it was just a little too tall and she really wanted to use the cloche....
We looked around for something a little more organic. We had no problem with the nest looking like it was growing out of the head., but not wild about the yellow bird...Wait! I think there was a brown bird somewhere around here....That's the ticket! She'll do some adjusting when she gets home, but I'm sure it will look great!She has promised to send us a photo from her house, so you will just have to imagine the mirror a little higher...This mirror just arrived two days ago. Last time we got found one, it was in the shop for 4 we will see how long this one lasts. It is not old, but really wonderful and aged perfectly.
Here are just a Few of New...... several sizes of perfect cloches....
Sheep family, sold separately. We have dressed em with crowns and necklaces, but you don't have to...DARLING French bakery sign. Love's not old, but the colors are just an amazing array of whites, beige's, ivories and browns, and perfectly aged..Remember we are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, and Saturday's by chance. The next big Saturday Sale is Feb 27th. We look forward to seeing you!

Addition: As are the photos from Kim's House. Guess what? She liked the display so much, it ended up on here dining room table!
And another display she did with a cute cow from the RS. LOVE it in an aquarium and with the bling around it's neck!

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  1. I love the mirror! The pictures are so pretty, thanks for sharing.