Saturday, January 23, 2010

French Floral Leaning Mirror fit in a Honda?

Remember the story of the fabulous mirror above (see a few posts below). Well, true to form, about 4 hours after I posted the photo, I got an email from Darling Debra Graham from San Antonio, praying that we still had the mirror, and did we think it would fit into an Accord? (Or maybe it is a Corolla). We said "yes" so she scooted herself 4 hours north to Grapevine....She had never been to the Red Shed so,of course she underestimated the packing ability of a Red Shed Girl! Flip the seats down from the trunk...(it was almost like we had done it before!)..a little help from Michele M...And success! Debra was a happy camper.....and it was so nice to meet her! Now if we can just get another mirror......
A couple of new items recently arrived.... FABULOUS and rare, long white shabby church bench. Great lines, exceptionally sturdy, it would be wonderful on a front porch, as side seating with a dining table or as extra seating and storage in your daughter's room Vintage lace and satin skirt covered with tiny satin roses, and lined with pleated toule. We have already used it as a table cover, and now as a piece of art..

We have had so many requests for ladder back they are ladies, first come first serve! These have perfect woven canvas seats all in a lovely shabby white.....but more importantly...check out the French bicycle poster in the background!
Mark your calendars! Next Saturday Sale Feb 27th!


  1. I met Debra at the Red Barn show this month. She was so sweet. That's a fab church bench!

  2. Wow! only a women could make that mirror fit in her car....sandi