Friday, March 5, 2010

Creative Connection Event Minneapolis September 15th 2010

Big News! If you haven't heard yet, Jo Packham of Where Women Create, and Nancy Soriano, who was the editor of Country Living for 10 years and is now the Lifestyle Contributor on Good Morning America, are teaming up to present an amazing event this fall! The Creative Connection is a conference, learning place, and meeting place for all creative women and entrepreneurs. Every day is packed with the most up to date crafting and altered classes from the best teachers around the country. The evenings will present some fabulous keynote speakers, and opportunities to meet publishers from around the country. Mix all that with extras, such as a "Genius Bar" to help teach tech marketing, and a daily "Handmade Market" with hundreds of vendors, and you have basically covered every woman in the country who loves jewelry, art, or is in business! And that is not ALL!!! This event will be held the same weekend as the Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis, and discounts can be purchased to allow you to attend both markets!!

We, The Red Shed Girls alter ego.....i.e. Riverside Travel, have been asked to join their TEAM, and we are handling the travel side of this great event. We will be attending, and if you want to attend also, click on the photo above for registration information, then call us for Creative Connection discounts on your hotel stay, airline tickets, car rentals etc.

We are working on also taking another group to the Junk Bonanza, with a stop at the Creative Connection Handmade Market. If you are interested in that trip, be sure to let us know and we will get you all of the details when the trip is firmed up.

If you are interested in the Creative Connection, you definitely need to register as soon as possible! We are giving you an early "heads up", but soon it will be published in the media and I'm sure it will SELL don't MISS OUT!

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  1. Did my my off to comment...where's my t-shirt! Thanks for the heads up and congratulations for being a part of such a Fab U Lous idea!
    P.S. Women Rule!