Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Altered Art Collection

Our Vintage Alice in Wonderland Collection by Grace Barzyz was sold out, but Grace quarantined herself in her studio to replenish it. If you have someone who is crazy about the new Alice, they will love this decor! The entire collection is made from Vintage book pages from the original Alice in Wonderland, so the pieces are sure to be as well loved by your Grand Daughter as your Grand Mother! These are limited addition pieces. We only have ONE of each piece. No More will be made except by custom commission.! All of these pieces are VERY mailable. We have been shipping Grace's art all over the country, so be sure to call or email if you are interested.
Darling handmade paper teacups............

The Tweedles $24.95 (Look closely at the tea bag says "a mad tea party"
Mad Hatter $24.95 SOLD
Piano Roll Banner $68.00, SOLD How sweet would this be as an heirloom in a little girl's room?

Magnets made from vintage cookie cutters! $7.50 ea. Look at the glitter and details, even on the sides! SOLD

"Who stole the Tarts?" Tartlet magnets $3.00 SOLD
Vintage Altered "Queen of Hearts" Cake Spatula, actually had a heart cutout! $14.95 SOLD!
Hanging AIW Card with original book page and Dresden details...$12.95
French gift Candy boxes with vintage ribbon and Dresden trim ,full of Jordanette almonds... Alice (large) $22.00 SOLD
King of Hearts (small) $7.50 SOLD
Call 817-310-6006 or email, or come by the Red Shed. Our normal hours are Mon - Fri 9 - 5 and this Saturday we will be open 10 - 5 if you want to stop by!


  1. I am taken in by all your great created treasures, wonderful wonderland.


  2. LOVED visiting your shop to day, I have a party and a giveaway going on at my blog right now, but can't wait to post about my day and show off where I put my treasure. Thanks, Lezlee

  3. I'm just waiting for the day you make the big announcement that Grace has been picked up a major distributor or retail store. Her talent and imagination are a force not to be ignored. I'm in love with it all but especially the tart magnets.

  4. Absolutely love your paper art. Warrington is the home town of
    Charles Dodson when he was vicar. so lots of interest.

  5. Fabulous creations indeed! ~ Angela

  6. Tons of muchness going on here!! Stunning creations ... love the piano roll ... if only my Gypsy Prince was a Princess ; )

    Happy Alice day!

  7. oh my, such fantastic sparkly pieces! happy Alice muchness day!

  8. Awesome!!! These are the very best Alice creations I seen so far! I adore the cups made from old book pages, so my cup of tea! Fantastic work!!!!
    So glad I came here today through the Alice tea party link. A lot of inspiring muchness for sure!
    Warmest wishes sends
    Carola from Boxwood Cottage in Germany

  9. I am in awe of the Talent!


  10. Wow... these are unbelieveable gorgeous! Such a gifted artist.

  11. You're so amazing....these pieces are fabulous....they're so full of muchness!!!!!!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  12. Grace, you are so talented! The Alice teacup is amazing. Even better in person. I love it and I know that the winner of it is going to love it also. Thank you so much!

    Blessings... Polly (French Cupboard & Counting Your Blessings)

  13. Loved all these pieces. I saw the cup in the magazine, Awesome art!!! No wonder it all sold out!

  14. Awesome altered art pieces. The cake server is so clever. I'd love to own any of these. :-)
    Guess I need to give you a call!

  15. Love the teacups, do you have any that are other themes? I'd love to see them.