Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paris Flea Market ** Red Shed Girls in Paris Day 3

Ready, Set, Shop!! Day 3 in Paris, beautiful, even WARM weather! Pre shopping pose with our matching roller bags which always stop traffic...

Marche aux puces, the oldest flea market in the world. We hit the ground running....

Always interesting fare..........

Doesnt take long for our bags to fill........Did anybody NOT have FUN?..........

After 8 hours of nonstop shopping, we finally head back to the hotel for Show and Tell
Some people put their feet up to get comfortable........

Others get even more comfortable.........

A small, small sampling of our booty! Room mates Fran and Linda found vintage dresses and enamel ware...

SCORE!!! Tamra finds a Napolean era wasp Stockman dress form . Weta gets some great tapestries....

Kathy finds silver treasure!

Though GiGi is recovering from a leg injury, she still brings home a stash. Janet finds fabulous prints and a 2 die for mirror that will be shipped home and we will add photos of later.

Love GiGi's lucite GGs!
LouAnn and Jackie find architecturals and a fox jacket.........
Val and Michele loaded up on lots of French Lace, french signs, french books, paper and jewelry makings.......

SOOOO tired but, it continues tomorrow with our favorite small flea on the outskirts of Paris...stay tuned!!


  1. wonderful fun things. Sleep tight girls and be ready for tomorrow. Can't wait to see more.

  2. OMG!!! So many treasures.....I am drooling over the "french" lace!! It looks like Lou Ann is having a wonderful time! Cathy of girls gone junkin

  3. I'm jealous ladies!!! I wanted to join you...maybe next year.

    Your neighbor,

    Kathy Diamond
    Willow Cottage

  4. Bon jour! Thoroughly enjoyed your trip with you! Thanks for taking us along!
    Best regards,

  5. You all look like you are having a blast..Can't wait to see more of your finds..

  6. What a DREAM trip!!!
    One day this will be me. Until then, I'm loving your pics!


  7. Oh La La Ladies! How does one get a dress form in her rollaboard bag? I am so low on lace,I hope some will be for sale soon! Be safe.Peggy