Saturday, April 3, 2010

Warrenton, Round Top, Marburger Farm 2010 Day 2

The important thing to remember about The Round Top, Warrenton, and Marburger Farms Antique shows, is that you will find absolutely EVERYTHING from Gators......
To Kangaroos and everything in between.....
Creativity will never fail....Here is Mindy from Primitiques..
She had this great tree made from bed springs in her booth....
The fairs are actually comprised of several cities, fields, farms, barns and tents, covering 10 or 15 miles. So you can can find the best of the best......and lots of bargains also. It's all in the hunt...your stamina....What is over that next hill? Around the Corner? Can I stay on my feet one more hour?
Here were some of our favorites of the day.....

What do you think this beauty is? Would you want it in your living room?Just a hint....the holes in the sides are for stirrups, and there are no horses around!


Start Marking your Calendars.... Our Saturday Sale is EARLY this month, due to Paris.
See you Saturday April we share OUR treasures from Round Top!


  1. At first I thought it was a sewing table! Your hint made me think Oh my! A delivery table or a Dr.'s exam table. I would use it in my studio. Do you have any history on this piece?

  2. heehee! now that's hilarious - you found an exam table:) thank you for sharing this one...and all the other fabulous photos.