Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aix en Provence Flea Market Trip Day 2

First of all...Michele and group are FOUND! They pulled into the hotel, totally exausted, about 1am from their harrowing journey from Paris (see previous post).

The next morning we were up early for a VERY busy day, made in Antiquer/Junker/Artist/Provencal HEAVEN! We started with our cute matching market bags for the Aix En Provence market.
Here is Karen working the soaps and fragrance man..
Kathy has the vintage market under control....
Unbelievably beautiful fruits and vegatables.......
And spices..............
After the market our guide Jill took us to her top secret consignment store. Locals live in Aix for years without knowing about this bargain basement. Take a look at each of these babies, all around 30e.

We got lots of treasures at the Market and the secret store, that will wait for another post. The internet hear is HORRIBLE and it is taking like 3 hours to do a post...gotta sleep sometime!

Then it was onto our lux bus , finally the whole group together and off to THREE more destinations!
First Jill's friend Agnes's shop....

Then to the 'bunkers' with the chickens and the goats (photo to come later)
we LOVE this place and the French men love it when we come and give us GREAT DEALS!
Our last TREAT of the day was to be welcomed into the Provencal home of fabulous Cezanne artist Jill Steenhuis

I MUST do a whole post about beautiful Jill S. but you must follow the link to her web site as she is about to have shows in Dallas, Houston, & Austin. I can't put in words what a kind, welcoming, talented and kind hearted person Jill is. The visit to her home and her heart was like something out of a dream. We were so privlidged to spend the afternoon with her, thanks to dear Jill M at LeTrip

A few treasures that we will be bringing back for our Oct. 30th sale...


  1. I am so glad to hear that the group is all together again. Have a fun and safe trip. sandi

  2. Y'all aren't on a's an adventure! Thank goodness you're a complete group again.
    I'd get lost in all the spices.

  3. Are you going to let us into the secret of the 'secret' shop...please.


  4. Are you going to share the secret of the 'secret' shope!