Sunday, October 24, 2010

Provence Antique Shopping Tour Days 5

Day 5 our our Provencal adventure in Aix en Provence was a free day to explore the flea markets, wander the historical lanes, visit museums and determine if we needed to ship some packages back if we had bought too much (we did). We found our way back to the markets and my favorite purchase of the day was for this fabulous antique, beaded bridal crown (displayed by the vendor).
In the afternoon we were treated to a private tour of the Liquoristerie de Provence, which reintroduced the production and consumption of Absynthe and other regional apertifs to France.

The shop was just beautiful...

And the tour of the spotless distilling and maceration facility was just fascinating...Perfume is also made there...

Just for fun, and because she now knows us so well, our guide, Jill, invites one of her friends and pickers, Bernard, to bring his van full of French vintage baubles for sale, to the parking lot of the liqueristerie....mayhem 12 American women descended upon him and his wares...

Several of the ladies picked up bread, olives and cheese from today's market and had hotel room picnics for dinner as we began our pre-packing and got ready for the treats of tomorrow..
A few of today's treasures that will be available to our customers at our sale on October 30th.

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