Friday, December 24, 2010

Where's the Line to see Jesus?

Thank you so much to all of our dear family, friends, and customers who we consider friends, for another great year at The Red Shed. We TRULY appreciate your love, affirmation and support of our dreams.
As Christmas approaches we hope that everyone remembers the gift of LOVE and forgiveness that we are given every day by our Savior, Jesus Christ. If you have a minute, play the music video below. It's worth it! Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh ...I've never heard of Becky Kelly, or the song "wheres the line to see Jesus"...but so glad I played it. Thanks so much for sharing beautiful. And indeed, why don't we see him more?
    love your blog..and the look of your store...wish you were in New Zealand!
    Happy new Year...blessu girls.
    jessie, nelson, nz

  2. Just found you and your blog. Lovely intro with this poignant post. Happy New Year.