Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girls Gone Junkin in Canton

It's always fun to get a quick trip to Canton First Monday Trade Days in. I think because of New Years everyone forgot it was Canton weekend. The weather was Gorgeous and crowds were small. Yee Haw! So normally when you go to Canton, this is what you expect to see....
Imagine my surprise when I walked into a little metal building at the flea market and found this....
You see...this story isn't about the Red Shed Girls....going junkin'.....but literally about "Girls Gone Junkin" The Shop, The Ladies, The Legends!
I actually made an effort to search out these talented gals, because I had heard about their darling shop, and periodically they even read this blog, but I was not prepared for HOW talented, and HOW darling..... a few more pics...

And here they are...Deidra and Cathy!

Nice, Sweet, and they have "got it" in spades! Make an effort to go see them on row 46 the next time you are at Canton, and be sure to tell them The Red Shed Girls sent you! (and, yes, we were restocking...stay tuned for Whats New...)


  1. I've always wanted to go to Canton. Thanks for taking us along!

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. Valarie ~
    Ohhhh girl I ADORE
    Girls Gone Junkin!!
    I usually go to
    Canton on Wednesday
    before they open but
    when I am there on
    Thursdays I love to
    stop by ~
    There shop is gorgeous!


  3. Thank you for the photos. The last time I visited Canton I met Cathy. She is just so sweet. Next time I plan on seeing both of the girls. I also enjoyed coming in your store. However you were in Paris! Have a nice week. sandi

  4. What a gorgeous shop!!! I've got to get to Canton someday!

  5. You girls are just so nice! We enjoyed meeting Valarie so much, and hope to pay ya'll a visit soon!
    Thanks for the kind words about our GGJ business, as we are just 2 lil fish in a big sea of talented, artistic, creative people out there......but we sure LOVE what we do!!! Look forward to see you again...xo xo Cathy aka GGJ

  6. Moma, the sisters and I went to
    First Monday, too, and thought the same thing...beautiful weather and where is all the people.

  7. Can't wait to see what you picked up from the Girls! I discovered them on my last trip to Canton and I have a huuuuge Girl crush!! I could have lived in their shop... And yours! Finally made it over there recently and I can hardly wait to get my bedroom painted so I can load up on goodies at your place!

    Sunflower Cottage