Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Not To Wear

I so love where I live, out in the country. So much so, that I drive 1 1/2 to 2 hours , one way, to get to the shop in Grapevine. But.... have you ever heard that there are things that go on in small towns that your really shouldn't see...or talk about? Well, I am breaking the silence. I walked into a local shop the other day and came across this.....
Seriously? Don't mean to hurt any feelings and hope to heck that no one from Gun Barrel reads the blog (Lezlee...shhhh!) but really, a vanity and dresser with such cute lines, sponge painted in camouflage?
Oh well, I know a lot of "vintage" ladies who don't like it when I paint wood white.
Ok, so a few new additions at The Shed....and who knows.....
Maybe some people will be sneaking pictures and making fun of us!!


  1. Oh my, wow, what to even say about sponge painted furniture.....that is scary! I would be dying to paint it white....or blue or green or anything but camo!

  2. My goodness...I'm speechless.

    I love your tall WHITE chest...and all the rest.


  3. Val... I'm a redneck - and trust me... I'm giggling myself silly right now. LOLOLOL

    Your buffet is to die for though!!!!

    There is no "chic" in that redneck...


  4. Thanks ladies! You are making me feel so much better for my small moment of catiness. (is that a word?)


  5. Val,
    In the words of Clarrie..."if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me!". I am laughing my fool head off. Can you imagine all the time and work that was put in on that? Oh mylanta!
    As Cat Daddy would say..."MEOW"!
    P.S. Apples and oranges!

  6. Hahahaha !! Ohhhh girl that is
    pretty much ummmmm hmmmmm
    I am at a loss for words .....
    But I adore your new shop things !


  7. I thinking someone forgot thier meds that day.

  8. lol, what do you expect...with the name Gun Barrel City!

    Seriously, I'm sure it is hard to decide to paint or not to paint, as shop owners.

    Love the new stuff! And your secret is safe with me.

    Small towns don't have a lot to see, but what you hear makes up for it, tee hee!


  9. That sponge paint leaves me speechless. What are people thinking? But I love the tall drawer piece!