Sunday, April 24, 2011

France Vintage Shopping Vanves Flea Market Day 5 in Paris

Don't forget about our Paris contest! (See our April 21 post).
Our favorite day of the year is a day at the Vanves Flea Market on the outskirts of Paris. This market literally makes your (us!) heart race and adrenaline run rampant! 
Nothing is better than buying out of the back of French Vans and cars!

Once again we see interesting, fun, and unique treasures that you Never see in the States!
We have seen Circus displays, but never like this!

Love this red velvet record player!

These poodles were 150e each! (I can't remember why they were so "precious"!)
 One of my favorite items was this amazing umbrella! The handle was made of porcelain!

We had an absolutely perfect day with fabulous weather. Our French friends were makin' deals....Life is good!
Coming Soon... What we bought!


  1. I've so enjoyed "traveling" with you and can't wait to see the finds!


  2. I've got to put away the red shoes, stop clicking my heels, and get out my check book for the next trip. It looks so much more fun with a group of kindred souls. Safe trip home...and let's see the treasures!

  3. How fun!!! I would be in Heaven flea marketing there!!!


  4. Love those poodles and the doll! Oh My Goodness! Sweet!

  5. Your next trip, I'll carry your bags:)
    Great photos, made me want to shop as well:)

  6. Can't wait to see what you bought! This looks like such a fun experience!