Friday, April 22, 2011

Marche Aux Puces, Saint Ouen, Clignancourt Day 4 continued...

Our adventure at the Paris Flea Market Continues!
The Paris Flea Market. Marche Aux Puces. Saint Ouen. Clignancourt.  What do all these words have in common? Actually they all are the same thing! Marche Aux Puces , or the Paris Flea Market is one of the oldest and largest flea markets in the World!  Saint Ouen, and Clignancourt are the names of the subway stations  and areas that border the market. You just never know what you will experience... You definitely find things you never see in the states. You also tend to see trends many years before they reach the states. Colors, Textures, Really Interesting displays. Here are just a few from our day at the Puces...

 Marche Aux Puces Saint Ouen, is actually made of many, many markets, or villages each with it's own feel and type of treasures. You could never get to them all in one day, so it's good to know ahead of time which ones will fit your lifestyle. We hire a local Shopping Guide each year and BELIEVE me she is worth her weight in GOLD. She saves us hours by always knowing which market to go to for vintage purses, and which for linens and jewelry. She saves us $$s with her fabulous personality and negotiating skills!
A definite trend we saw this year was industrial mixed with old world architectural

Probably one of the oddest trends we saw was airplane industrial. Take a look at this coffee table, made from an airplane wing..
And this entire shop was made from aviation parts! Did anyone see this trend at Round Top/ Warrenton? It will be interesting to see if it makes it's way into the states...
Stay tuned for "What We Bought", and don't forget to enter our Paris Flea Market Shopping Contest! (See previous Post:


  1. I love the coffee table made from the plane wing! What a great way to be green!

  2. What are the face molds? Don't know what they are, but I love them! Wish I had a couple!

  3. That veil and headdress is gorgeous. Wow! You were so blessed to travel to Paris!

  4. The frames! The mirrors! The clock! The white pottery! OMGoodness, so much I would love to have!