Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before and After or "You always find a cutest things!" Part 2

It's been a while since we played a little "before & after" . We love it when people come in the shop and say ''You ALWAYS find the cutest things!"I still think we need to put the "before" pic on all the price tags! So here are a few transformations from our recent French Market Sale...

We will buy a church bench, every time we see one! Too versitale! You can pull them up to a dining table, use at the foot of your bed, or leave outside on your porch.
We added casters to the bottom of the wood boxes to make wonderful, moveable flower boxes or coffee tables.
This was my first attempt at molding a new applique (see the missing part on the top left?)
A little hard to tell in this pic, but it turned out pretty well!

Free standing mirrors are always hard to find, so I snapped this one up at a garage sale.....
(BTW we will soon have more of the French Belt Flower Baskets ,above, that you went CRAZY over!)
We fell in love with these scrolly chairs at Round Top.
They were not quite upholstered yet, but still heart stopping! The funnest thing about these chairs is they have wheels only on the front legs, to make them easy to scoot in, but still stable.
Loved the French lines on this petite desk, but it had a leather top that had seen better days..
A new, sophisticated look helped it quickly find a new home.
Thank goodness for "Vintage Girls" . That's what I call teens and twenties that are decorating their rooms, dorms, or first apartments in "Paris Apartment Chic". First on the list is Always a dreamy vanity... Would you have guessed that the above would turn out like this?......
Wonderful bakelite handles and triple mirror added even more glam!
Don't you think it is SO FUN to take something headed for the dumpster and give it a new life?


  1. Augh! I love LOVE the scrolly chairs!!!

    Okay - fine - I love love it all...

    ;-D robelyn

  2. I'm literally squealing!!! I was away at Brimfield and am just now catching up on my blog reading and see that I was the winner!!!! Is it too late to claim my prize?
    I'm looking for your email address right now!


  3. Ohhhh there is nothing like taking an old piece and giving it "new life"! Love it All!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  4. Love all the re-done pieces. That vanity is TDF!!!
    Who wouldn't want that!?!

  5. Love before & afters - thanks for sharing! You guys did a GREAT job on these transformations!