Monday, May 9, 2011

Winner! Paris Blog Contest

We have a winner! Thanks to everyone who entered our Paris Blog Contest! We really appreciated all of the wonderful comments! The winner was selected by a very complicated process, I saw on another blog:
I printed all the comments (with additional for blog posts and referrals) and cut them into little strips, then, just so there would be no funny business, had my husband, who has never read a blog in his life, draw the winner.

And the winner is...... Jan at Gracie's Cottage! Jan, send us your address and your package will be on it's way. Here is a little preview of what Jan will be opening! 35 pieces or original French ephemera, including French love letters, documents, school pages, postcards, communion cards, music, saint pages, even a 1923 engraved French birth annoucement!

A large bar of wonderful Provencal soap, jar of vintage buttons with a French document lid, a French poetry book, handmade sachet filled with french lavender, my FAVORITE French cookies, a linen backed French bicycle map......
A French fabric sample card, a vintage perfume sample card wrapped with a yard of French lace...
 A necklace made with a vintage French war medal....
 And last, but not least, a French postal courier bag....too cool of a purse, with wonderful pockets inside...these can ONLY be purchased at a French post office. We may even throw in a few more goodies.
We hope you enjoy!


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  2. Congrats Jan! Oh, how did I miss this contest?? Better luck next time, I suppose.

  3. Congratulations Jan!! What a super prize you are getting!!

  4. Oh, lucky Jan. I love it all, esp the mail bag. Are you saying that if I found a post office in France, I could buy one? (Former students of mine are going to Paris this month after college graduation.)

  5. Thank you so much....I am beyond excited!