Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homes and Hearts of Provence

The most wonderful part of our shopping trips to Provence, is being welcomed into the homes of artists, antique dealers, chefs, journalists, and even bed and breakfast proprietors. Thanks to our friendship with uber awesome guide, Jill Mitchell of LeTrip (and our reputation for bringing the absolute Sweetest and Best Vintage Super Shoppers), our ladies get to experience all of the extremes of Provencal Shopping. The people of Provence are warm and inviting and I would like to introduce you to just a few.
Meet Anne Marie and Hubert...
Hubert's family runs an equestrian farm, and he and Anne Marie are antique dealers in their "retirement". They welcomed us to their home and outbuildings..
What does this look like to you? To us, it looks like Picker Heaven, wrapped around a beautiful Provencal home. Mr. N set out tables in the yard (just for us!) and covered them with French antiques at wonderful prices!

 Hubert also makes these fabulous benches and tables out of old vintage beds..
Like this...
Then he opened up the outbuildings...First picture is the fake...HEY, STOP A SEC, and LOOK UP AND SMILE!! The second picture is the reality of the smash mob that ran in after the door was un padlocked!

They then welcomed us into their lovely home for wine and nibbles..
And Hubert even walked us over to see the family home where he was born and other family members still live..These were two of the kindest, sweetest people we have ever met.

A day or two later in the beautiful village of Lourmarin
we were introduced to the lovely and refined, Regina.
 Regina's house has been featured in many magazines and she kindly opened it up to us to tour. All I can say is I was having a hard time breathing, and seriously thought I would faint..(due to my not so secret lace fetish).
Regina is known locally at the "Keeper of the Lace". When families come across unused lace and linen doweries, they will many times arrange for them to go the Regina, because the know that she will catalog, preserve and sell them to good homes. She is an expert in her field, and SHE HAD ME AT HELLO (Bonjour, actually)!
Her home was filled with vintage and antique French linens and lace, used the way that are suppose to be.... Everyday.

Regina's home is called the "House of Soul", and you could really feel it in every step we took, and as she talked about her family.
Regina has a small lace shop attached to her house. No website, not sure if there is even a phone. She has no set hours and opens when she pleases so that her family and lifestyle always comes first.
Thank goodness, she was willing to share this with us. Thank you, Regina for sharing a little of your life with us.
Regina with her rescue chicken that thinks it is a dog
What I found.....
More to come.... Valarie
PS. Don't forget our French Market Sale on October 29th! Two groups and Two weeks of French shopping. We are ready to Share!

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  1. You had me at "uber awesome". Hey thanks for the kryptonite compliment! I'm going to remember that whenever I'm just feeling like a regular human. Lol. I love this post. It is beautifully and touchingly written. Now we have a record of those wonderful moments. Thanks so much!