Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Lighting, It's all about the Lamps

The first think I do when I arrive at the shop each morning is turn on the lamps and chandeliers. 
A lot of people say the quickest way to update a room is with paint. I say it is with lamps. Nothing gives a room instant character, design, or personality like a one of a kind light fixture. There IS a reason they call it mood lighting. I would say that in our shop the lighting falls into four catagories. First is Paris Apartment. This can range from classic chandeliers to Versaille oppulance..

The French Cottage lamps are normally a little more simple, but quirky. A little tassel or fringe. White paint and a fun silk lampshade.....

And thanks to Rachel Ashwell, Shabby is still Chic and its actually a younger generation that is embracing it. We have bewildered moms still stumble in every day and say their teenager wants to do their room or dorm in Shabby Chic. We guide them to just the right thing. Chippy white paint and tole floral iron. Reworked vintage lace and burlap. Open shades adorned with ribbon and crystal..

So turn off those overhead lights and let some shadows dance on your walls.

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  1. Love the lamps. Gorgeous!! I say you can't have enough lamps and seems you agree!!