Saturday, March 24, 2012

From Rags to Riches

I Loved this little table the second I set my eyes on her in a the little town of Mabank,Texas! I could just feel her history..she had been great once, but her beauty had wained....
No she wasn't that pretty with her peeling laminate and weather damaged surfaces, but did you get a load of her legs? I guess I'm a leg woman (my hubby has yummy legs). Well I knew she had potential.

How about those legs now?
Sigh..And just as soon as I got her all fixed up, she went to live in The Big City with someone who only loves her for her looks.


  1. ...and wow, I bet she's grateful that you rescued her. What a beauty she is now!


  2. Pretty!!! Who would have thought...

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  4. The table looks great! Did you use annie sloan chalk paint by chance? Or was this just regular paint and distressing?