Thursday, June 14, 2012

Point me towards Paris

Usually the hardest part of making a window sign, is the prep of scraping, taping, prepping and repainting an old window. When I find one in "not too bad shape" it makes me say "Yes!!" It can make a project like this, go just a little faster.
I found this great old cabinet front. Perfect wavy glass. Beautiful molding.

I painted the outside black with a little wood showing and left the molding natural. Then I printed out the words, measured and attached them backwards, so that I could paint on the reverse side. (I looked back through some of my photos for the font they use on a lot of the French street and freeway directional signs)

Results! For all those (like us) wishing they were in Paris!

If you want to make that wish a reality, Join us on one of our group shopping trips to Paris or Provence. We still have a few spots open in October. Go HERE for more information.

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