Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wall of Portrait Paintings at The French Market

Michele found this stash of portrait paintings at an estate sale a few months ago. We are great sleuths and we tracked down the artist who had won tons of awards. She had many French themed portraits (We love the little French artist in the bottom right corner!) and lots of shoes and clothing from Paris...

More pics from The Shed...


  1. Love that wall of portraits!

  2. Shopping in Paris!!?? WOW?? TRES MAGNIFIQUE!!
    Just to look in the shop windows, see the French styles, etc....and to soak up some of the French mystique! WOW.....what a wonderful prize!! Bon VoYage to the lucky winner!!!!!

  3. c'est BONNE! Just to look in the shops! WOW, what a great Prize!