Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Unique Chic Antiques at the Red Shed Sale

Only three days until the Big Sale! Michele J is hammering, Michele M is painting and I am gluing. No, I don't know if gluing is a word, but all I know is I have glue in my fingernails, wedding ring and hair. I hope to do a little documentary over the next few day and exactly what goes into creating the Saturday Spectacular Sale at the Red Shed. I HAVE to try to take those Before, and during photos, so that you can really appreciate the AFTER. I'm sure the post will be called "It Always Gets WORSE before it gets Pretty"
In the mean time, here a few photos of some fun and interesting Uniques and Antiques that you will find a at the sale.
Gorgeous Vintage Angel
This fabulous serpentine dresser has antique keys for drawer pulls!

This armoire is not taking a great photo, but the doors have lace inset into the front panels. (I'm sure the bottom drawers will have pulls by the time the doors open for the sale!)

Here are some great corbels we smuggled into our carry-on luggage from Minneapolis. We have another great one from our trip to Upstate New York that has been made into a shelf. It not hung yet, so no photo, but trust me, Taci from Genevive's husband made it and it's adorable!
These GREAT BIG clock hands are very old and very wonderful! Just wait until you see what is going to be used for the numbers for the clock!
I love this old tea cart. It is just perfect shabby, and there are a million things that you could do with with it. Look at those fabulous wheels. Also the glass top comes off for a serving tray, so it's perfect to put your fun photos or documents underneath!

I don't know what to call this except, wonderful. How fabulous on your dressing table! (I bet it also gets some door knobs before the sale!)
Found these great pharmacy bottles in New York, they are from the 1800's I also found lots of great graphic old documents from the 1800s for you ephemra buffs.
Finally look at the great statuary, I'm pretty sure if that baby doesn't sell (what are the chances?) He's coming home with me!
Check back tomorrow and I will add more photos of items we are still unloading and finishing up.
Never a dull moment at the Red Shed!


  1. I wish i could be at your sale! Valerie it was nice talking to you on the phone and I hope to run into you at the Junk Bonanza! Hugs, Erin from California

  2. I would love to know what your beautiful blue wall color is!