Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You'll Cry Too if you Miss a Red Shed Postcard

It just occurred to us the all of you great out-of-towners, that love the Red Shed, even though you have never been here or met us, don't get to see the great postcards that we send out before each sale. Our customers say that they love them because they look so great on their refrigerator! Twice we have had customers call to say they were receiving two postcard because of name misspellings. They said they hated to call because they like having an extra to give to a friend, but they didn't want us to waste a stamp! What great customers and friends!
So here is August's Postcard and the last few months. Enjoy!


  1. These are great ideas...our antique mall should start doing the same! Thanks for sharing...


  2. Those are so adorable....I wish I was close to that amazing looking shop....but those cards must draw them in for miles and miles. What a lovely way to advertise!