Friday, August 15, 2008

Reinvented French Chic Furniture Collection

Only one week until our HUGE Saturday Sale at the Red Shed in Grapevine Texas, on August 23rd! Here is a sneak peek at a few items that will be displayed from our "Reinvented French Chic Furniture Collection". We have been keeping these (and more!) under wraps, and they will only be available at the Saturday Sale. All of these items are made from French Documents that we purchased in Paris during our Paris Flea Market Group Shopping Trip in April. (Don't forget to let us know if you want to join us in 2009!)

Here is a fabulous dress form / pants form/ mannequin ** Only from the waste down....No Butts about it!. The form has been covered with vintage French documents...

The stand moves up and down to change the height. How fun would it be to have this to pin your jewelry on (its foam under the pants), tuck letters or postcards in the waste, or just to look adorable in the corner of your Paris Apartment? What a conversation piece!

The top is covered with French documents. The main center document is from a 1800s Corset company.

The leg bottoms are covered in antique French book pages.Here is a wonderful full size bed. The insets have be infused with a mosaic of vintage French letters, including postal stamps. It will be beautiful with a tea stained bed spread.

Here are some close ups of the insets, They really are awesome and were awesomely (is that a word?) hard to make! Once again, I wish I had done "before" photos.

This great mirror was made from an old door, I imagine from an old armoire. Some of the silvering had worn off. French Perfume company documents are fused from the back and now peak through the mirror.It's REALLY cute!

This mirror has antique french book pages adhered to the corners, and has a cute little shelf on the bottom. The book is actually a hand written journal that was published "as is".

Here is a wonderful, shabby tray covered with French documents. It would look just as great on a dresser or table as it would as an art piece on the wall.
There will be many more darling things at our Saturday Sale, in the collection. Some made with vintage music, and more jewelry and crystals.
See you there!


  1. All these things look wonderful! I wish I could visit!I love your blog!

  2. Love it! And the door is fabulous. Great blog!

  3. Very cute! I hope you gals have a wonderful sale. :) xoxo, Joanna

  4. I am going to be at your Sat sale this weekend! Can't wait...have never been to Red Shed.

  5. I love all of these things. I especially love how you have the documents on the back of the mirror peaking through. But my favorite is that little puppy that snuck his way onto your blog. What a sweetheart.

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